In iOS app development, most of the expert programmers and developers love to use Swift programming language these days. But, there are many new programmers who still struggle with the question if they should rely on Swift language or not. If you are among such people, this article is worth your interest. From explaining what Swift language is to presenting its benefit, we highlight various critical aspects related to Swift Coding and help programmers to gain confidence and faith in this language.

What Is Swift –

A robust programming language for the iOS app development, Swift is very easy to learn and highly intuitive programming solution exclusively for Apple products namely iOS, MacOS, tvOS, WatchOS and so on. The process of Swift code writing is a fun and interactive job as it is based on brief but expressive syntax and includes latest features that developers prefer. By design, the swift coding is safe, yet creates applications that performs so fast and smooth.

Why Developers Love Swift Coding For iOS App Development –

Swift is a modern approach that is the outcome of a new research on iOS programming languages and is based on experience of many years on developing Apple platforms. The Swift programmers express the designated parameters within the clutter-free syntax which makes APIs highly simple and easy to learn. In the coding, there is no need to put semi-colons. Being inferred types, the codes are clearer and cause less mistakes; whereas modules are free of headers and have namespaces. For a great international languages as well as emoji support, there are Unicode-correct strings and follows the UTF-8 encoding for performance optimisation for several use cases. With tight and deterministic counting of reference, the memory is automatically controlled as it keeps the use of memory minimal.

For such advanced concepts of Swift coding, programmers love to choose this programming language over others. Following mentioned some notable features of Swift programming that make coding highly expressive and encourage programmers to prefer it in their iOS app development projects.

  • Top class features and light and clutter-free syntax for closure.

  • Easy to use and robust generics

  • Brief and rapid iteration on a collection or a range

  • Ease in generic code writing due to protocol extensions

  • Featuring Structs that provide protocols, extensions and methods to programmers

  • Tuples return values

  • Easy handling of native errors

  • Practical patterns of programming like filter and map

  • Enums support matching of pattern and can handle payloads

Apart from above-mentioned features and characteristics of Swift Coding, it is introduced to eliminate the cases of unsafe programming and coding. In Swift programming, the memory manages on its own, variables are prepared prior to its use, integers and arrays are reviewed to check if they are overflow, and provisions of unique approach to memory protectors against several possible mistakes relating programming and coding. Moreover, the syntax is adjusted to help programmers to easily define their intent. So, Swift programming is all about safety in iOS app development and coding.

Pros of Using Swift for iOS App Development –

Swift programming involves efficiency and execution of listed languages with interactivity and modesty of famous coding languages. Now, keeping tech aspects and other things aside, let’s talk about key pros of using Swift coding in iOS App Development by programmers:

  • Fast iOS App development process

  • Effortless scaling of product as well as team

  • Enhanced performance and safety in coding and programming

  • Less memory footprint

  • Compatible with Objective C language and hence Swift programmers can use Swift replacing C Language within a current project.

  • Instinctive memory management

  • Support from rich open-source programming community and flexibility to learn

  • Full stack programming potential & support for cross-device

So, these are some notable things supporting swift programming adoption in iOS app development by programmers and developers. With the great performance of Swift in many big development projects, it has gained the 14th position in the famous programming and coding languages of last year – 2018.

As per the claim of Apple, this programming language is 8.4 times faster than the Python language and 2.6 times faster than language Objective C. With exceptional performance in development and programming projects, Swift has gained a tremendous support from Open-Source community within the period of just 3 years and these facts prove how robust this platform is for iOS app development projects.


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