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Technological Innovations For E-commerce Web Design And Development

Posted on 2019-09-17

There has been a phenomenal rise in the eCommerce industry in recent years. A heavy influx of new technologies has taken over the eCommerce web design and development company to enhance user experience and conversion rate.

Every business is adapting eCommerce to maximize growth in the future. Entrepreneurs are visualizing businesses to take the right step for growth. This great opportunity, combined with data analytics and innovative technologies, has enhanced the customer experience. New technological trends have leveraged and employed strategies according to the way customers shop, buy, and respond to new businesses and strategies. 

Global retail e-commerce sales are anticipated for a whopping $4.8 trillion by 2021. To stand out among your competitors in the eCommerce, it is time to step up your game with eCommerce web development strategy.

Set Goals

One should define their goal and strategies right after seeing the marketing trends to make the right choice. A clear roadmap helps in achieving long-term and short-term goal while staying away from all ambiguity. One should research the target market, products, services, and expertise to serve the chosen market well.

Quality Execution

After defining the strategy and knowing its need, the next step is action or execution – to make things happen. All the team members should set clear organizational goals; to timely measure progress toward the goals and be accountable for proper execution.

When all the team members have a clear sense of their duties, timelines and next steps only then a strong culture of execution is created. The entire team works continuously to achieve the company's overall vision.

Interactive Product Visualization

Online shopping is intangible and different from traditional shopping. Ecommerce shopping involves a lot of guesswork on the part of customers, and providing product visualization is the most used strategy for enticing your consumers.

Proper product visualization helps to study every detail of a product, enabling them to make an informed decision. Decision made after properly viewing helps to avoid complaints and negative reviews without regretting it afterward. The recent addition of zoom option on e-commerce websites is of great help for consumers as well as the businesses. Zoom in option helps in seeing certain details and gives a better understanding of the item on the gadget without actually touching it.

Web designing and web development companies have started, including product demo videos to show products in action and performing the designated tasks. According to recent research, about half of consumers who watch product videos are more confident in making the online purchase decisions. The videos are informative and show all the aspects of the products’ potential. They are very helpful when consumers want to see the product working with the way it looks. The videos are beneficial for making sure the looks are the way they expect.

Some businesses are using 3D experience for an interactive 3D representation to showcase their product features. 3D product imaging has increased customer engagement significantly and boosts conversion rates.

Big Data

Nowadays, every e-commerce business is built on micro-decisions. Consumers and businesses have created vast quantities of data, which companies will extract, purify, and process to business decisions. At the moment, the information is vast, messy, and incomplete, which will be covered in the next ten years in big data to make faster, connected, intelligent business decisions.

Analytical information will enable businesses to zoom on their operations and strategies to change the scale of the decision being made. Choices can be made based on data available for creating perfect result without overarching instructions. Every small selection regarding the keyword, next day delivery, and promotional offers will be made based on this.

Virtual Reality

eCommerce has been continuously changing and making strategies to get ahead of their competitors. eCommerce is doing a lot to convince customers to purchase items online. Amongst all the emerging technologies, Virtual reality provides an answer to all. Along with this technology, augmented reality has reshaped the world of retail, and about one-third of customers are investing in these technologies for a better shopping experience.

To consider the actual manifest, the mobility element holds a crucial position. The world’s biggest companies have locked an arms race to develop the most powerful and technologically advanced mobile VR product.

Intellisense Technologies is a leading web designing and web development company providing intelligent solutions to existing E-commerce problems and helps in promoting your business. Get in touch with us to strengthen your online presence and enhance your conversion rate!

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Reasons To Showcase The Importance Of Content In Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Posted on 2019-09-13

2019 is one of the years which have gone through so many evolved content marketing strategies, which is actually the best part of this technological world. We people can clearly depict its significance by the fact that 62% of the digital marketing businesses have already started making more fund investments in the content creation processes. This number is big and significant enough to depict its worth and show how important content is for digital marketing solutions.

 A strong, well-defined, and customized digital marketing strategy is essential for the thriving of the business online, and for that, different components need to be there at the place. From search engine optimization to email marketing, there are lots of things to be done. While it becomes vital to carry every digital marketing strategy with the right amount of consideration, some elements will get more important, demanding more efforts and consideration from your end. The best example here would be the "CONTENT" section. This is arguably the most important part of your digital marketing efforts. Content is going to be the fuel for your all marketing approaches. Hence, it gets important to give it the proper amount of consideration and efforts.

What content can do for your digital marketing agency?

 Content can do much more than filling up of all the webpages on your website. It is one of way to build confidence among your existing and likely clients. With it, you get an ability to create great brand awareness which will thereby drive traffic to your site.

 Although the advantages of content marketing are not limited to getting the targeted audience and getting leads, there are many more advantages too for the long-term time.

 More so, the significance of content marketing is showing an explosive growth which is not going to be stopped either. To keep it short, it can be clearly said: "CONTENT IS THE REAL KING."

 In so many ways, content becomes a multifaceted marketing medium which can help so many businesses irrespective of its industry. Creating content is cost-effective, simple to build, and dependable for forth-coming success. These advantages are good, but the actual value of content marketing is its significance in the digital marketing industry. Without it, online marketing becomes of no use.


Below are some more reasons which will let you know why Content marketing is a must in this technological decade:

1. Content educates your targeted audience

 Education is the first step every potential user takes whenever deciding if he should proceed further with your services or not. It is the right of the likely user to get complete knowledge concerning your services to make the confirmed choice. This implies you should have content that effectively and completely educates your users.

You need to address all the concepts related to your services in such a manner that your audience gets completely about it.

2. Content drives SEO

These days’ people go with making search engine searches whenever they have any concern bothering them. This implies, optimizing the content to appear in similar search requests can actually help you get new leads to your business site. Hence, to get these new leads and drive sales, your business website ought to have unique, quality, and innovative content.

By having compelling content, you can get web pages that will indeed drive SEO to your business.

 3. Content helps you make conversions

 Strong and effective content will help you get new customers, and every time any of your visitors decides to become your customer, it leads to a conversion. These conversions, later on, will help you in growing your business. This is how content is going to help you earn conversions and new customers as well.

 Even with this, content helps your business build less tangible purposes as well, which are, later on, vital for succeeding digital marketing approach.

 4. Content is the foundation of every digital marketing approach

 If you wish to start a digital marketing campaign, you require content. Content is basically the basis of the SEO process. The reason being it incorporates the web pages that rank in search engines. More so, content is one of the major foundations of PPC and the reason being it makes the landing pages drive traffic from the running ads.

 No matter which concept you want to bring in the eyes of the audience, you can make it happen with your content. This content may include blog posts; keywords that help you improve your business reputation online, and pages you wish to get optimized. In short, content is something which can make the heartbeat of your digital marketing approach.

 In addition, it is important for the success of the business and has the potential to make your business successful.

Final Thoughts

Content is the foundation of every digital marketing success, and without it, you will not be able to get the attention of your targeted audience & leads online. Once you create strong and compelling pieces of content, you will undoubtedly see more success in your digital marketing efforts.

 Intellisense Technology is a premier digital marketing company firm rendering intelligent solutions and SEO services.

 If you been trying to launch a digital strategy without having a strong content approach, then it is surely not going to take you anywhere, neither now nor then.

 If you would like to take the assistance of the real professionals in it, you can consider reaching our website. We are a home for dozens of proficient content marketers who makes their cutting-edge ideas work with effective strategies to get the best results for all their clients. 

Contact us today to builddigital marketing strategy and content strategy that’ll help you and your business thrive online!

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Why Small Business Needs Professional Website Designing

Posted on 2019-09-10

Do you know what all great businesses (irrespective of their size) have in common with one another? A superior online presence which is often established through a well-working WEBSITE!

A Website plays an impeccable role in the success of the business online, and there could be no dubiety in it, for any of us. In 2019, people are swarming to the Internet whenever it happens to search for any sort of products and services. However, this is happening more than ever now!

The same is supposed to be getting more in the approaching time. Since there is a presence of innumerable websites on the Internet, you ought to do something different to make your website stand tall among others. For that, it becomes essential to get your web designing work done by the real professionals who can ensure the design of your site that will indeed capture all the vital aspects and works differently from your competitors.

If you own a business (whether it's small-sized or medium), it is the time to realize that getting a website designed from professionals not at all demands big investment. Instead, getting the design of the website by real professionals are pretty fundamental which every business deserves to own.

If you’re still not convinced of having a professional website design, then I’ll surely make you the one.

Here, in this respective post, I’m going to present to you with reasons why is it necessary to get a professional website for your business.

Compelling 5 Reasons - Why Is It IMPORTANT For Your Business To Have A Professional Website

  1. Increase And Quicken Your Sales Volume

A website works like a digital version of 24×7 convenience shop. Your website makes your business products and services accessible to everyone at any time and on any day. To make it function in the right way, you need to ensure if the information concerning business operations and offerings are showcased in the right manner with updated changes.

Updated changes and information like this makes people lead towards safe and secure transactions. All the information showcased on the website is of utmost importance as it can further persuade likely customers to make instant purchases anytime and anywhere.

  1. Make You Stand Different And Tall From Other Players

All the potential customers are likely seeking for the right provider to do business with and if your website doesn’t provide them with the facility they are looking for into your business, then you are already missing a lot of things. By doing so, you are giving your opponents an opportunity to make business deals with them, which is indeed a huge advantage.

Well, this way, all your competitors having a robust online presence will have a win over you. You need to ensure you are not losing your potential customers to others.

  1. Makes You Stay One Step Ahead Of Your Rivals

If you own a small business and competing against some other small business in a certain area, chances are, there are many of those who too don’t own a business website (PS: Just like you). This’s where you can make your business move one step ahead by getting designed the one.

However, if your competitors own a website and your business doesn't, surely you’re missing a great deal. Having a business website will surely make you compete against many leading businesses leveraging their services. More so, this way, potential customers will easily be able to locate your small business website, which can eventually make them stumble towards your business services.

  1. Helps In Credibility And Individuality Building

Trust it or not, but potential customers are undoubtedly going to judge the quality of your business services by the way you have presented everything on the website. And an aesthetically designed website is the only way out to give your business more credibility in the eyes of all the likely customers.

  1. Adds Legitimacy To Your Website

Possessing a business website online automatically creates legitimacy in the opinion of the clients. More so, it validates your business in the eyes of your clients. It builds confidence in the people that they are dealing with the right kind of people who have a good reputation and track records online.

Conversely, if the potential user finds your business doesn’t have an established presence on the web, it makes them reconsider their choice, which gradually makes them unconfident about your offerings.


There are many people who do not acknowledge the importance of web design, nor do they realize the damage it is causing to their business by not having the one. Well, for them there is no reason for continuing that, especially when getting a web designing service is so accessible, simple, and cost-effective.

To ensure your small business is not the one standing in the ineffectual line anymore, consider hiring a professional web design service which can get you good results and make you stand apart from the other opponents. Get someone who can render you with the working solution from the ground up so that your business starts driving the leads in.

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Advertise Your Business Gracefully! Top Tactics to Follow in 2019

Posted on 2019-07-08

Digital Marketing is the only way you can promote your business online. If you are an entrepreneur than it is vital for you to understand the wonders that Digital Marketing can bring to you. Digital Marketing includes both online and offline modes i.e. the Marketing through digital media and traditional media as well which includes Television Advertisements, Radio Broadcasting, Billboards, and Brochures. 

Everyone is aware of the benefits that Digital Marketing holds for the business to flourish in its full bloom but only few can accomplish this as there is required a set of strategies and tactics that a Digital Advertising Business Company can best help you with.


Tactics to follow in 2019:

  1.   Target YouTube: 

You have to have a YouTube channel to promote your business. Try and make interactive videos. You can see how other businesses are showcasing them and take an idea from it. It is always clever if you make your videos funny and catchy for the viewer to hold on to otherwise people will lose interest and it won’t be of any use. YouTube is also the fastest way to introduce new products and maybe do some Q & A with people and go Live once in a while. This helps in building a long relationship with customers, thereby increasing the sales considerably.


  1.   Promotion on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn:

60 to 70 percent of the world population today is active on social media networking websites and the sites that are on the top of the list are Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn. The business is only going to get good leads and customers if people know about it. Your main aim should be to create a healthy Brand Reputation, to come in the limelight! Once you accomplish that rest of the things becomes fairly easy.


  1.   Marketing through Blogging:

Websites are must and if you do not have one, now is the time to invest. A website is one of the beneficial channels with which you can aware people about your company and its products much faster and create credibility and brand awareness. People would want to know more about you if they are interested in the product that you are selling. Here too you can earn extra bits by using the PPC service i.e. Pay Per Click. When the user is reading and clicks on the related advertisement your company will earn the added revenue from it. Here you need more detailed knowledge and for this Intellisense, Digital Marketing Company in Jalandhar is best to consider. 

Content Creation should be sharp, easy to read, comprehensible and well written so that people can get a fair idea of what the product is all about. People don’t have time to waste on something they know. They are curious and the more precise and apt you are the better it would be. Also, you should promote your website and brand on third-party blogs as well which are famous and have a following as an article on such blogs about your brand but help your product to gain popularity. 


  1.   Email marketing, Online Newsletters and more:

Yes, you heard it right. This marketing style is should not be ignored as it is back in trend in 2019. When there is an automated email sent to the people who subscribe or register with you, they keep getting notifications on the products and various related things. People tend to get back to your website as they get intimidated by it. This is the best way to not only increase traffic on the website but to incur more and more selling for stable and positive business growth.


  1.   Advertisement through television, radios, etc:

This is part of the traditional marketing method but if your business is growing well online then you may not need it. But, it is always advised to hit the television, newspapers and radio channels to spread the word on a larger scale as audiences by watching the ads gets influenced much more than by reading about it. Visual Aids have impact higher than any known function and this is psychologically proven. So if you want to promote your business and earn great revenues you must go for television advertisements, it is a quick, sharp and clever way of promoting business. 

Radio announcements are also an effective way. People while traveling in cars do switch on the radio channel quite often and advertisements have a great way when it comes to radio streaming. Through radio, you are only creating awareness for your business and this move should be incorporated in the initial stages of business promotion. 


  1.   Mobile Marketing, SMS and M-Commerce:

Marketing through SMS is still a great way of promoting one’s business. For everything, there is a copy of a message that gets delivered. You make a bank transaction you receive a message, pay the bill, use credit/debit card, etc. you get an SMS. Automated Messages is must in order to keep the customers hooked to what your Business is up to. In order to lure the customers in this is a great way of getting marketing done quite brilliantly as people are always on phones which has become an essential part of our lives.

The above tactics for Digital Advertising Business are must to follow this year. Some of the tactics mentioned above may sound outdated but they have carved their way back again in the digital marketing industry. You should be afraid of getting experienced help because you wouldn’t want to risk or jeopardize your business online reputation. Your product quality is the first and foremost factor for determining the quality and establishing trust among the people but it also requires expertise in promoting your business cleverly online in order to build Brand Identity.

Digital Advertising Business has helped numerous small scale businesses to rise up and make a mark and set a benchmark in the business industry. You may own a big or small company, a clothing brand or footwear, maybe you are stepping in to start up a business and are on an initial stage, you may be an entrepreneur trying to have a way and get into the market of sharks, don’t worry just deal with what you have and do not hesitate to experiment. 

Go for the best and do what feels right!

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