Intellisense Technology is a technology design house specializing in Product Development, R&D and Innovation. We partner with our clients and help them translate ideas into products. We have done this using our deep domain know-how and technology expertise Embedded Systems & IoT.

We provides end-to-end engineering services including co-conceptualizing and feasibility analysis, building prototypes and market ready products. Our extensive experience in designing and developing real-time embedded systems software for a variety of industries such as:

  • Consumer Electronics

    Consumer electronics refers to any electronic devices designed to be purchased and used by end users or consumers for daily and non-commercial/professional purposes.

  • Industrial Automation

    Industrial automation deals primarily with the automation of manufacturing, quality control Process Control and material handling.

  • Automotive

    Control systems with a dedicated function within a large mechanical or electrical system, often with real-time computing constraints.

  • Smart Lighting

    Smart lighting is lighting technology that you can control from an app, usually on your Apple or Android devices. The app enables you to change the brightness of the bulbs,switch on or off,change their colours etc through WiFi link.

  • DMX Decoder and Control

    DMX512 (Digital Multiplex) is a standard for digital communication networks that are commonly used to control stage lighting and effects. ... DMX has also expanded to uses in non-theatrical interior and architectural lighting

  • LED information Display

    LED displays are often found outdoors in billboards and store signs. They can also be found in Industries, Educational institutions, destination signs on public transportation vehicles as well as variable-message signs on highways.

  • Home and building automation

    Home and Building automation is an example of a distributed control system – The networking of electronic devices designed to monitor and control the mechanical, security, fire and lighting systems in a house or Building.

  • Machine-to-machine(M2M) communication

    Machine to machine refers to direct communication between devices using wired and wireless medium. Applications range from industrial instruments, enabling a sensor or meter to communicate the data it records (such as temperature, inventory)

  • User interface for devices

    Design and Development of User Interface Devices based on Touchscreens are common in devices such as game consoles, personal computers, electronic voting machines, and point-of-sale (POS) systems

  • Remote device management solutions

    Remote Device Management as the name suggest is basically remotely connecting to devices which could be out in your office premise or could be in a different continent. It lets you monitor, track, update, view real-time activities on the screen and even perform remote activities on mobile devices.

Connectivity and protocol stacks implementation

Implementation of Connectivity protocols such as Ethernet, USB Host, USB Device, Modbus, CAN tailored to Client requirement.

VLSI based solutions

Design and Development of VLSI solutions using Xilinx, Altera Field Programmable Gate Arrays(FPGA)

Product reengineering

Reengineering or reverse engineering of existing products to Upgrade or Port them to a new Platform.

Technology, Tools and Architecture we work on to deliver winning products are as follows:

  • -8,16 and 32 bit Microntrollers and FPGAs
  • -Expertice in 8051, AVR and ARM architecture
  • -Development Tools: Keil,IAR,AVR studio
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