Driven by PHP technology, CodeIgniter Web Framework is one of the most powerful and popular PHP frameworks of the time. Combining various useful resources like libraries, helpers and plugins, CodeIgniter framework makes the app or web development task a way easier and better than many other present frameworks. Using these resources, the developers can smartly handle the complex development procedures and functions by utilizing their knowledge about PHP technology.

So, this PHP framework mainly takes care of every requisite system activity with its great performance and hence, is preferred by numerous web developers and programmers.

What Is CodeIgniter –

CodeIgniter is an MVC PHP framework that developers use for developing various applications in a shorter period of time. It provides advanced libraries for attaching to database and also to conduct various activities and operations like uploading files, handling sessions and sending emails etc.

The main attribute of CodeIgniter PHP framework is that; it is naturally small and offers scalable, simple and advanced solutions with absolutely simple and clear documentation as well as fully customizable features. To handle various web development functions like solving PHP syntax complexity, streamlining web page coding and sorting out the complex concerns faced while developing professional sites, CodeIgniter web framework appears as a superior solution for PHP developers.

Features of CodeIgniter Web Framework -

To gain confidence in CodeIgniter framework, it is imperative to have a clear understanding of various features of this PHP framework. Knowing these features, a new developer or programmer can make a firm decision if he/she should choose it for current or upcoming PHP development projects or not. So, let’s check out various features that make CodeIgniter a power-pack PHP framework of today.

Small Footprint – The total CodeIgniter framework source code is nearly 2MB which makes it convenient to grasp CodeIgniter for a user. Learning how this framework works becomes quite simple for a new user due to its small footprint. This quality also contributes to simplifying the process of updating and deploying it.

Initiating Fast – People like applications that response and load in a fast speed as waiting is not on the list of modern consumers. So, developers who have an experience of working on various modern frameworks perfectly know that their products (applications or programs) take a fraction of a second to load immediately after installation.

So, the applications made and developed on CodeIgniter Web Framework can load at less than 50 ms on an average. Though the additional time given on optimization with other frameworks remain free when you choose CodeIgniter in your app development projects. That means, more work in less time with CodeIgniter framework.

Lightly Coupled – CodeIgniter carries some in-built features that are lightly coupled to enable developers work solely and independently without getting too much dependent on coupled components. This features ease up the task to upgrade or maintain the app.

MVC (Model, View & Controlled) architecture –

CodeIgniter framework is based on MVC architecture that leverages industry standard development practices while developing web applications and programs. This kind of architectural design segments the logic, data and its presentation in a proper way.

Seamless Documentation –

The seamless documentation of CodeIgniter makes it a choicest PHP framework for developers. You can easily find informative tutorials, books and also prompt answers from community forums on CodeIgniter framework. That clearly means you have ready solutions for all kinds of problems faced during the PHP app development process because someone from the community must have faced it earlier and dealt with it as well. So, you can find that solution right from there.

Built-In App Specific Components – This PHP framework boasts of components that are application specific and these components include data management, sending emails, session management etc. Go through the tutorials to learn more about these components of CodeIgniter.

Easily Extendable - As this framework has support of various libraries and out of the box helpers, it enables developers to extend the present features of an app as per your needs or wish. For example, if you want a certain function in the app, but that’s not there, then you can easily implement any present feature by creating helpers, libraries and packages.

Quick Learning Curve – this framework is very simple to expert in for a person who has less knowledge of PHP in a very short span of time.

Pros and Cons of CodeIgniter Framework –

Pros of CodeIgniter Web Framework –

  • Easy to learn, use and install by a person who is not much familiar with PHP frameworks

  • Supporting fully object-based programming, and help structuring large PHP apps.

  • Carries advanced separation concepts

  • Very fast framework as compared to many modern counterparts like Symphony, Laravel Framework etc.

  • Extensive documentation

  • Has wide support and based on longevity emphasis.


Cons of CodeIgniter Framework –

  • Hard to learn $CI singleton object working like the service locator

  • Unavailability of modern namespace and auto loader usage as CI utilizes the standard file and folder naming tradition that affects the flexibility

  • Less inbuilt libraries as well as common tools.

Comparison Parameters of Laravel and CodeIgniter –

CodeIgniter Web Framework

Laravel Web Framework

MVC architectural design

Clean architecture

Very easy to setup

Very composer friendly

Open Source

Open source with growing community support

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