Artificial Intelligence (AI) largely depends upon the ingenuity and inventiveness of one’s mind. Today, the Artificial Intelligence has proved to be an absolute boon to the mankind.

To make you understand the meaning of AI in more precise and in layman's language, it simply means anything that is built, functional and controlled by the human where the intelligence is exhibited by the machine (of any design) is what is referred to as Artificial Intelligence (AI).

There are kinds of machinery through which AI is demonstrated which can be a robot, computer, software, gadget etc. AI today is used in building cars, manufacturing products, carrying out constructions, the medical profession, and whatnot!

There are so many tributaries that have channeled up and have evolved with the help of AI and every field using the machinery has been developing to a whole new level. To well explain this fact, today heart surgeries are being conducted by robots. AI is playing a major role in the medical field where now lives are saved reducing the risk of error that can otherwise be in the case of Human Intelligence i.e. the doctor himself. How shocking it is?

Can AI replace the manpower?

It is often deemed if the AI will ever replace the manpower. In countries like Japan where you will see robots serving food at restaurants, greeting customers, carrying out everyday duties, entertaining crowds, sometimes used as security etc. but still you cannot completely negate the vigilance of a human controlling the Artificial Intelligence which may be in any form no matter how superbly the AI is working and carrying out the designed chores. The reason being that no matter how adequate the scientist can make a robot understand the human being still there will always be room for flaws and errors that may pose danger to people around which is why manpower can never be replaced.

In computer science field, AI has taken a different role where for your business to come up on the search engines like Google, Yahoo etc. you need to optimize in lieu of the web crawlers known as bots like that of Google Analytics which is a separate field of AI emerging rapidly. It is of utmost importance that for any business to flourish you will have to build an online reputation. Without the knowledge of Google bots and the AI to make a mark of your business online is not possible. A separate stream of profession has evolved knows as Digital Marketing. With the help of Digital Marketing experts who are well aware of the system of AI and are well versed with the techniques required for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Media Optimization (SMO), your business can be greatly benefited where you will be able to make a good bond with your clients and increase your sales.

How AI works in Digital Media World?

The patterns of Digital Marketing has changed in a number of ways today where to understand the Google algorithm has become significant in order for your business profile and business to rise in the online market. It requires special knowledge of Digital Media and Marketing which works hand in hand.

It is important to promote your product on social media channels and for that, search engine optimization is required for your website to pop up and people to know what your business is all about.

Digital Marketing experts carefully analyse the product, create a dynamic website, link it with social media profiles, generate fanbase and optimize the content of the website with Google Analytics. This requires coding of your website to be carried out in such a way that it fetches the desired results.

The bots that are also known as the web crawlers will then browse through the content and are pretty frequent in visiting your website for the users to have the best search experience. The more your website will have the relevant information the user is searching for, the brighter the chances for it to pop. This requires intelligence as on one niche there are a number of websites and business being built every day.

Here you will definitely require the help of a Digital Marketing Expert who can bring your business on the map quick!

AI holds multidimensional scope!

AI does not work with one model or one science but works in respect with all physical and non-physical sciences. That means that AI takes in account of sociology, mathematics, psychology, economics, computer science and more.

To make a machine work in regard to human needs, one would need to channelize it in order to be human-friendly and understand the human mindset behind. This takes creating a model that would work in accordance with the needs and the wants of human beings. Physical sciences alone cannot achieve that as for it to be fit to work with the common man you will need to build it in regard to various other perspectives.

Scientists and engineers all around the world are gathering to give lectures on AI, to widen the horizon and bring forth new spectrum to utilize it in the benefit of mankind in numerous ways.

Where on one hand AI has been a blessing but in other ways can prove to be a curse. A lot of questions have been posed in the past challenging the credibility of AI in front of Human Intelligence, the risk it can pose in the medical field and how valid it will stand in the future.

Only time can tell the credibility of AI but as of now, it is touching cloud 9 where every day new innovations are taking place, new ideas are taking shape into reality which is inspiring millions of people today where AI is helping facilitate life in incredible ways which were not possible before.

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