Voice Search as the name speaks for itself; it is a search that is conducted by your voice. There is a lot of Jazz that is spicing up the Digital Marketing Experts triggering them to believe that by 2020 about 50% of the global audience will be relying on Voice Search.

Well, that is what the fun about predicting the future is!

To create the buzz even when it’s not there or to fantasize about things that if come true will create a sensation so great that those who caught up with it just in time would rejoice in the merry of cracking the codes is going to be unbelievable.

Voice Search first released in 2012 by Google have been modifying ever since where today Google aims it to be an “Answering Engine” different from the already existing “Search Engine” algorithms. Google Now, has been gaining a lot of popularity where now it allows iOS users to use Google Voice as well. Experts say that the Google Voice Search works even better than the apples own Siri! How cool is that?

Intellisense, Digital Marketing Company in India is all here to explain you the new evolving concept of Voice Search and Smart Speakers (Alexa, Google Home, and Echo) which is becoming the next big “internet of things”!

Let’s get to the Statistics!

Google claims that 41% of the adults and 55% of teens are using Voice search today.

65% of users globally are using their smartphones and out of which 20% of searches are through Google Now!

People using Windows 10 Desktop are using Voice Search as well and, the data shows that about 25% of the searches are via Voice. So it is not just smartphone users or other mobile devices the desktop users are getting hold of the Google Now feature too.

Talking about search engines alone then whether it is Bing or Yahoo, a significant change in the percentage of Voice Searches is taking over the statistical charts where the ratio stands between 10% – 25%, which is shockingly surprising.

Now, here is the Bummer! Google Home and Amazon Echo users are have grown habitual to the devices so much where 65% people say that they can’t go back to the typing search as the Voice has made their lives so easy.

Voice Search is revolutionizing the Search Queries

Now that we have had a better taste, the traditional typing search query though will not diminish but, there are likely chances that people will rely on Voice Search more. From the User Experience point of view, it is easier to use voice than to open the device and type it in.

But, the question here is how to optimize website content that it pop-ups whenever there is a relevant search query done by the user.

Understand the below key points:

The typing search is usually shorter where the user would want to write in short phrases or keywords and basically would wait for Google suggestions to show up. We as humans have the tendency to curb and escape even the little work if it is not exciting. We all know how typing can at times frustrate one when we search for something but it shows something else most commonly due to a typo mistake (Ergh..).

To write whole sentences in the search box is illogical so short phrases, relying on Google suggestions or typing in just a word which solves the problem and shows the result quicker is what we are going to do. But, with Voice Search, the work has become even easier where one can multitask without hindering whatever that one is busy in.

For example, you are cooking and have a phone call to make. Just call by the name and voila, you did not even have to pick your smartphone and the call connected!

This is just one of the examples; you can conduct multiple searches, ask Google for direction without stopping in the middle of the road, get answers quickly and so much more. It is how the way you use the Google Now or smart speakers like Google Home, Alexa etc. and make them a part of your life.

So, how to optimize the content?

Conversational Texts! Here, is your answer!

You need to publish website content that is more in human form and not in computer language. To understand it better, focus on the traditions typing search and think how one would search using voice.

For example:  “best apple pie recipe” – Typing Search

                     “How can I cook the best apple pie quickly?” – Voice Search

Voice search has a more conversational tone to it and, the phrases are longer. One of the reasons for it popularity is also that it is 3.5 times faster than the typing search, A user will not write a full phrase while typing in the search box but, because Voice Search is easy shows results quick, users will let go of the confusion and directly speak what their mind tells.

So the key lies in optimizing the web content which is more in a conversational form. Add a FAQ Page to the website is one of the best ways for Google to fetch in your website results. As Google is changing to becomes an “Answering Engine”, as soon as the user hits with a query the Google Speaks the most apt result which lists in the “Featured Snippet”.

Optimize content by adding a Feature Snippet on every page. There are a lot more likely chances for Google to index and feature your page by listing a few of the important things. Use question-answer content form and make the articles longer by adding keyword phrases in discussion form.

Is there any difference in the search results for typing or voice search?

Experts say that there is no difference at all as in both cases; the results are going to be the same. But, in case of devices and smart speakers where users rely on listening to the direct answers; how your content will feature depends on how your content speaks from the user perspective. You can conduct multiple searches and see that there is no difference at all.

For example: Whether one searches for “apple pie” or “which is the best apple pie recipe”, the search results are exactly going to be the same!

So, this also means that the competition is going to rise in order to rank one’s page in the near future as Google Algorithms are going to focus on becoming “Answering Engine”. So add FAQs, give Meta Titles and Meta Descriptions that are keyword rich, add a featured snippet before the embedding of the content. Few steps in order to fill the little nooks and crannies can make the job easier! Experiment and see how it goes as the Voice Search is still in a transitional phase.

We at Intellisense provide SEO Services in Jalandhar where our skilled developers are achieving success in cracking down the Voice Search with effective results.

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