There is a lot of buzz around that Progressive Web Apps are the next big thing that are changing the way websites and mobile applications work in the modern day world. How true it is that time will tell, but one cannot negate the numerous possibilities that Progressive Web Apps offers. For a Business who is solely looking to target the audience and popularize its platform quick, Progressive Web Apps are the sure way to go!

What is Progressive Web App (PWA) & how is it changing the online scenario?

People are confused as to what actually Progressive Web App is and what utility it has that can benefit the user. For any market that one wants to target, the core focus is always the user experience. The websites that do not offer User Interface and User Experience features and designs are left at the backdrop and do not rank well on the search engines.

Now consider Progressive Web Apps to be a website as well as an app! Here you get the benefit of both the platforms, that is the same website functions as an app that the user can access from the mobile web browser without the need to install the specific app for the same.

Also, the same Progressive Web App is downloadable from the Google Play store or App stores where there are no extra efforts to create a different application. To be more precise, the same website that is built using Progressive Web Applications can be accessed on the web server directly as well in the app form which functions the same way. One benefits the experience of a native web app as well and deploys the same application that can be accessed through URLs, downloadable links and more.

How mind-boggling is that? It is the web but, it is way better than what a traditional website typically offers. To explain the benefits that PWA offers, check out the following list:

  • As the name itself, it is Progressive!

The experience is phenomenal where one gets the opportunity to use the application at one's convenience. You do not have to have a particular platform for it to work. It is progressive which means it offers web compatibility, loads quicker, on point navigation control, optimizes itself according to the device and is workable on any operating system. The Progressive Web Apps are responsive and adjusts to any environment that one deploys it.

  • Security and Safe to Access:

One quality that defines PWAs is the secure connection that it offers to the users. These web applications are much more secure which means they are difficult to hack which reduces the rate of cyber crime considerably. As these applications work with HTTPS that offers secure protocol and connection, they are less likely to be tempered with or hit by a virus.

  • Keeps user engaged with Push Notification & More:

These applications are much more engaging as they work as a website and mobile application both. It does not matter whether the user is working on their smartphones, tablets, laptops or desktops because such websites can trigger notifications for the latest updates, as and when one prompts. Notification can intimidate the user for them to click on the links that pop up. It keeps the user hooked much more easily than any other media so far.

How Progressive Web Apps Upscale User Experience?

With so many perks that it offers PWAs are all about ensuring the best user experience and it keeps on enhancing the features to catch the attention. The way it upscale the utility is by providing with:

Offline Support: When did the websites have ever been accessible offline? PWAs have made it possible where the application works offline without hindering any of the work that you have been doing and without any loss of data. You have a weak internet connection, want to work offline and then update or use it whatever way you like, with offline support the working becomes easy.

Definitive & Reliable: Often weak internet connections and servers add to the troubles. Progressive Web Apps works just fine on low servers as well as it creates proxy web servers that allows one to have control of the cache. It means that the website will load faster nonetheless and keep the activity safe for you to access at any point in time. It takes away the dependence on the internet connection which makes PWAs definitive and reliable.

Fast & Engaging: There is no doubt about the fact that if the website takes more than 3 seconds to load, it will lose the user. There will be significant decrease in the website traffic which will obstruct the website ranking. But, with PWAs, one does not have to worry about the speed as they load faster each time irrespective of the internet connection as it uses the client-side proxy just like in the case of JavaScript.

Undoubtedly, PWAs are engaging as it gives the user with ease of access. Push Notifications and direct links to install the application without hitting on the App store is another feature which makes the process hassle-free.

Definitely, Progressive Web Applications are scoring high on the leader board because of the utility it gives and the faster working experience which makes work fun and entertaining. It kills the frustration where one has to wait for the functions to respond as with work offline support, you can complete the tasks as long as it takes without worrying for the loss of data.

The platforms that are in hype for creating Progressive Web Applications are Lighthouse and Dive Deeper. Both are open source platforms which provide with automated tools to create PWAs flawlessly. With these platforms, it saves the developer a lot of time to manually test each phase as these web applications do it for you which leave no room for errors.

In the end, we can well conclude that surely Progressive Web Apps are changing the patterns of online browsing where one gets the benefit of using one application both as a website and a native app.

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