With the arrival of IoT development services, several smart home devices have been launched to ease up various chores in our home. Today, modern people are showing a great interest in home automation solutions that are based on IoT smart home technology. The technology behind IoT has brought several automation possibilities and stopping varied kinds of failures in operations. From businesses to home, IoT development services is beneficial for all in many ways and this article will tell you how home automation devices are changing our lives and home.

IoT In Home Automation –

By combining IoT with artificial intelligence, an IoT developer can change the way on interaction for home automation devices. This technology removes the need of human intervention through autonomous power. In home automation solutions, the IoT application is becoming very common thing today. The IoT smart home devices from Google and Amazon are already there with users that are making lives simpler, easier and better in this time.

Key Instances of Smart Home Devices –

Today, a range of smart automation home devices are present in the market for home makers. The companies that introduce these devices have brought some products that are centric to a certain purpose; whereas some are the complete home automation solutions. Talking about the leading examples of today’s home automation solutions based on IoT technology, Google Home and Amazon Alexa are leading ones that are being widely accepted by people from all countries in the world.

There are many other smart home devices available that are loved by consumers for their performances and here we are elaboration few of them in the list:

I. Smart Surveillance – Surveillance is something that every home maker cares for when it comes to the safety of a home and family members living inside. For that purpose, IoT development services can help you develop smart surveillance solution through smart cameras. With this smart surveillance, you can keep a strict eye on your home as it allows one to keep checking the surveillance records even when you are away from your home. So, now your home safety is assured with smart surveillance.
II. Smart Lights In Home – The concept of smart lights in home automation is truly amazing and effective because these lights have capability to find out if there is someone in a room and considering this knowledge, it adjusts the lighting or switches off them if not required. This way, IoT based smart lights can be a great solution to energy efficiency.
III. Smart Home Appliances – The modern washing machines, refrigerators, irons etc. are loaded with IoT and AI technology by which these appliances get automatically switched off whenever not required.
IV. Smart Phones – Smartphones are the best example of IoT in our life and home. In this time, you cannot imagine a single day without them as the most of the daily tasks are depended on them and hence, they do a great job in home automation.
V. Smart Locking System – The integration of smart locking system in your home will automate the door opening task for you. This system would only let permitted people to enter the house with its smart technology and those who are not permitted would not enter your place. Moreover, if someone tries to enter forcibly or silently, the system alarms the home owner for the same.
VI. Smart TV In Automation – With a smart TV, you can use the internet browsing now. Some smart TVs feature voice recognition and gesture recognition attributes.
VII. Smart ACs In Home Automation – The home makers are not required to get disturbed to adjust or turn the AC off any longer because of the IoT and home automation technology integration to the smart ACs. The smart technology of these ACs would adjust the room cooling according to the temperature after sensing it.
VIII. Home Entertainment Solutions – Given examples earlier, Google’s Home and Amazon Echo Dot are the best home entertainment solutions loaded with IoT. These smart devices run the music of one’s choice by simply discovering the commands of home users.

So, these are few popular and powerful examples of modern home automation devices that are changing our lives rapidly.

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