Web@30 event at CERN is starting a series of celebration to commemorate the untiring efforts of Berners-Lee in bringing forth with the incredible Word Wide Web and the opportunities it presented the world. The event took place on 12th of March, 2019 but the celebration is still going on where seminars, talk shows and people are talking about the Artificial Intelligence, the new technologies and the opportunities that are waiting to enter a new domain where the world will get even closer eradicating the boundaries down.

It is incredible to see that today the Internet has turned 30. Timothy John Berners-Lee, the inventor of World Wide Web in the year 1989 working in the laboratory of CERN is where this wonderful gift came into existence; an anomaly back then and a boon today.

The Internet is ever-advancing where it is proven that there is no limitation and end to what can be created to empower people in numerous different ways. It has shortened the distances, create a network where we are no longer differentiated by the physical boundaries and are proving to be a weapon to express thoughts and opinions to people around the world.

Let’s travel the Peppy Web Madness and how it changed the scenario around the globe:

With the advent of the Internet, the first thing that came into existence was web pages. You could hit up a common search engine and there will be results connecting the dots. Any question could be answered, any channel or link could be established and file sharing, transferring of messages and other media became easy. The traditional snail mail got replaced with emails. It took just seconds to get a post sent.

Web Development led to E-Commerce Websites:

In just 30 years of time, today with the help of internet one is making money, promoting business, creating augmented and virtual reality games, mobile apps, wearable and more are not only changing the world of the Internet but revolutionizing the patterns of Human existence.

Web Development has reached new heights wherein the current times to make an Online Business Reputation has become necessary. E-Commerce websites promote online selling and purchasing where even small business companies are making a huge profit. It has become a gateway to promote business and start afresh from small scale and slowly make the way up.

Every institute, organisation, NGO, any brand one can think of, is online!

One must take benefit of this incredible gift where you can generate leads worldwide. We at Intellisense, offer Web designing services in Jalandhar. From e-commerce to user-friendly websites, designing, graphics and animation with quality content and sharp SEO (Search Engine Optimization); we are here, to only give our clients the best services.

UI and UX Design

User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) are though interchangeably used but are distinct in their technical aspect. User Interface is how the computer system will respond to the user. This involves understanding the human mind in respect to the various application and language to be used in such a way that it provides with the best User Experience (UX). This implies that there will be full accessibility and user control without any chaos or confusion to use the medium.

It is essential that websites are creating keeping in mind the following points:

  • Latest Technologies and Web Application Tools: The technologies that are compatible with the norms of Search Engine Optimization and tools which function to provide with easy access is the need of the hour. It is imperative to use the latest technologies to ensure the healthy running of the website.

  • Smart Layouts through Wireframe: A smart layout will help attract users to the platform. The wireframe is a medium in which a website can be created before they go live. It gives room to experiment until the ends are achieved. It help ensures that the design in on point and will woe the users towards the website.

  • Fast and Quick Loading Websites: Nobody has the time to waste. As the technologies have kicked in, it becomes necessary to use such a tool that will make the websites to load faster. A website should not take more than 6 seconds to lose and we aim at even faster loading of the website.

  • Templates and languages: There are so many inspirational website templates available online with the help of which sassy, bold and wonderful websites can be created. It takes the knowledge of web languages like .Net, PHP, SQL, JavaScript and more to build a website or to use the template. For a Web Developer to be able to comprehend the languages in the right way in order to create spectacular website building requires an artistic mind and an eagles eye to take care of the intricate details.

  • Web Compatibility: Websites should offer web compatibility which means irrespective of the device or operating system, the websites should open faultlessly on all mediums. Today, with the help of technologies and smart tools such websites are built that offer full web compatibility that allows easy navigation, browsing and site mapping.

  • Mobile Friendly: Websites that are mobile friendly have better chances to flourish and promote online business. According to the statistics 60 per cent, users prefer using their smartphones for internet browsing. It is only logical to create such websites that offer web compatibility and are mobile friendly.

With Social Media Channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube etc. to promote Business has become incredibly easy. One can create Brand Identity, brand awareness and generate leads in a short span of time.

The Internet can be a boon and bane both. Where on one hand it has helped evolve lifestyle and has shortened the cultural boundaries on the other hand security risks, cyber crime is on the increase today. There have been numerous efforts done to curb the cyber crime but it is easier said than done!

But, one cannot ignore the opportunities that the world of the Internet presents us with. Do not ignore the importance of the Internet and step into mainstream Business online. We are the Leading Web Designing Company in India where we provide services that are worth the money!

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