As much as the dating apps have filled our lives with exhilaration but the threats its posing cannot be ignored either.

Dating apps today even the top names like tinder, bumble, OkCupid and many more out there, secretly locks in your information on their servers. While some apps claim to secure them tight so that your privacy is not compromised but then there are many where they are more on an open network where anyone can pry onto your personal credentials.

Reliability of dating apps is questionable. People often try to hide their information by putting a false name, profile details thinking that they are safe and cannot be tracked. The server used can always be hacked; all the spies need sitting out their looking for is a small loophole that they know well on how to use in their benefit.

When you first establish a connection your IP address gets registered automatically onto the servers of the app you are logging into. Every time from there on when you login your information is going to get saved simultaneously. Most of the times you will stay safe but other times a person spying on you can track you by below listed ways:

1. If dating apps show your email information, the spies out there can get the details even more quickly. Your email address may hold any sensitive information that you might want to protect. Many times people link their email addresses to online banking, PayPal accounts, shopping websites etc. There is a stronger risk of phishing here. A break or misconception in the servers of these dating apps may put you into serious phishing trouble.

2. Facebook profile is nowadays regularly used where apps accept your login directly from your facebook profile. Often times these dating apps claim that nothing will be posted from their side on the facebook app until you allow them, the hackers trying to get into the sensitive information can set up a secondary media server based on which your dating profile can be easily hacked if they know through which facebook profile you login.

3. You are constantly being tracked by the dating apps. Our phone’s GPS if stayed on send continuous information which the apps track as you allow them by giving authentication. The user does not come to know but every time that you install an app they only allow installation if you have given access to them to your contacts, photos, number, GPS tracking etc. To be precise any information on your phone is quite accessible to these dating apps. This is how you are able to see relevant ads on the apps you use as they keep on tracking your activity. When you click on such ads you can become exposed to phishing.

4. Secondary servers are often established by hackers or people of criminal mindsets out there. What they do is when you login on the dating apps you may be redirected to an external link. These external links can be for logging in itself, for in app purchases or in form of advertisements that often appears in apps. You may never know what you may click and where you get redirected that can expose your information and put your safety at risk.

To curb this risk all you need to do is that do not use a personal online social media profile to login in to dating apps. Second, never use an email that is linked with online banking for registering on such apps and third do not save an important information in your phone that can put you at risk because once you are hacked all your information will become accessible.

Your safety is in your hands, be smart stay observant!

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