Pay attention to the tinker bell and look for the pixie dust in every nook and cranny to make the most of online platforms to promote online business reputation. It is imperative that one must invest in building an online reputation for anything that one owns whether it is a business, institution or an organisation that one is working in. Before, customer considers visiting a place; they first look online of what it is all about.

There are different ways to make one’s business to flourish online that a Digital Marketing Expert can best guide you with. Digital Marketing stands indispensable and as the algorithms change every now and then, it becomes even more exigent to keep up with the Artificial Intelligence. 

A little about Digital Marketing

It is a broad term that engulfs every little or big online marketing strategies, techniques, methods, advertising, building application, development of websites and more. The way the world is revolutionising today, there is no end to how far Digital Marketing can stretch and the ways it can affect the brand, franchise, and social platforms etc. Broadly speaking, it includes the following:

  • SEO – Search Engine Optimisation
  • SEM – Search Engine Marketing
  • SMO – Social Media Optimisation
  • Branding
  • Campaigning
  • Advertising
  • PPC – Pay Per Click
  • Email Marketing
  • Website Development
  • Mobile App Development

The list above is only the beginning and once the goals are successfully achieved, then comes, the not so technical luring of the clients online that includes psychological perspective to attract users to click on the URLs. As we say, the field is endless!

What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing in simple words is a strategy that is in use to send promotional messages to the subscribers in order to keep them hooked with the business online. When we are targeting the users through emails, which is the prominent part of the marketing algorithm that the company follows, it largely assists in building fan following, e-commerce and much more.  It is a great way for generating clicks, traffic on a website, advertising, addressing fan-mails and much more.

Is Email marketing no longer in practice?

Some people are of the view that this age-old method of Digital Marketing is not as beneficial as it once used to be. The practice of Email marketing started in some early’70s and it showed great progress for a decade but then there came a significant downfall with the advent of new technologies that included social media channels vastly.

Recently, Neil Patel, a significant personality that created the most authentic SEO tools (Kissmetrics and Crazy egg) to understand Google Analytics, revealed that according to the statistics of 2018, Email Marketing is going stronger than even beating any social media channel so far.

This is evident enough that for any business to generate clientele must invest with email marketing strategies and guess what? It’s cheap! So platforms even allow sending of bulk emails for free where you can give design and use templates for attractive emails.

How to make the best use of Emails for promoting business?

Consider emails like invitation card. You must understand that the interaction that you are going to have with the client, email is that gateway. The reputation, the first impression is all dependent on that one email that the system will send. The more thoughtful one is, the better it is going to uplift the business. Emails are advertisements itself! Is anybody going to get interested in watching a meaningless advertisement on television? Will it grab the viewer’s attention? Most certainly not!

Similarly, while sending emails, they are those advertisements that one will read. It is not catchy enough or interesting to the user’s needs, it is quite possible that the email will be overlooked and lie in their trash box. In the worst case scenario, the user may end the subscription or filter the email to the spam box.

The key lies in making the emails informative, fun and catchy at the same time!

Choice of the templates: It is important that you frame a specific type of template for the email as that allows meticulous representation of the text. The more vibrant with colour the template is the better it would be. It is believed that bright colours attract the focus and that is what we need. Also, make sure that the template is easy to read and can open comfortably on smartphones and iPads etc. The users today are online using tablets, iPads and smartphones, so we cannot negate the fact that the content and links should be optimised according to various other operating systems as well. There are tools and plugins that can help in optimising mobile-friendly content.

Content Creation: The content has to undoubtedly top-notch or else if it is not fabricated enough then the sending such promotional messages are a waste. You may get some attention initially but will not last very long. Content Creation is an art and every message that you carve should be as if the messages are talking with the user. There should be that pun and humour, some informative read, something that may ignite their hearts and just play with the words to arouse the user’s attention.

Clever use of URLs: For the promotion, there will be links in the messages for the customer to click and hop on to the business profile, e-commerce website, social media platforms and other such areas etc. The email should not look spam where there are links after the other and inadequate information in between. Promotion is vital but it requires clever strategising. If the skills are weak and one is only focussed on generating link building, or traffic on one’s website, then you are going markedly off-track. It is a request that please do not mess up the quality!

Email is that first interaction the user will have to the products, idea, thought or anything that you are promoting. If they are vaguely written, has no solid agenda, lack of any viewpoint has no theme or focus and is just for promotion alone, then the business is going to be short-lived.

Do not take Email marketing like some everyday chore! Pay attention to the intricate details and every email should be unique, significant and focussed on some idea.

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