There is no industry left unaffected from the influence of technology and medical industry is no exception to it. As the healthcare industry is surrounded by enormous data of high sensitivity, it becomes quite complex for medical practitioner to manage the medical records and data appropriately. To help individuals and health care centers with the most efficient solution, we present health app development from one of the most reputed companies namely Intellisense Technology.

The healthcare and medical mobile apps serve amazing advantages for which people must get them developed from medical mobile app developers. This article will present several facts about healthcare mobile apps to make you understand why they are rapidly getting popular among masses.

Medical Mobile Apps – Streamlining Medical Practices –

The use of mobile apps is quite common in our life and medical mobile app development is a part of mobile app adoption that aims to help people keep a check on their nutrition levels, health conditions and have an easy access to basic healthcare solutions. These apps can play a big role in preventing diseases to get severe as it enables individuals to get instant medical consultation from a doctor right from their handy device and manage symptoms in the beginning. For people living in outskirts, rural areas or hill stations, this app is a true blessing.

In addition, medical mobile apps gives convenience and ease to patients for scheduling an appointment with doctor or share their report on health condition. This way, it contributes to save time of patients and clinics and also ease up the administrative tasks.

Present Condition of Healthcare mobile apps –

As per various surveys done in the US, 1/4th adult population in the US rely on healthcare and medical apps and 1/3rd doctors recommend the use of medical apps to their patients. From the global standard, approximately one billion mobile users have shown their trust to medical mobile apps and in the coming time, we can see a steady growth in numbers.

According to another survey report, the leading app stores already display more than 3 lacs medical applications and the growing adoption of this technological solution has encouraged health care centers and hospitals to engage with healthcare apps. With these apps, hospitals and healthcare providers can serve patients a more convenient, advance and better platform to share and gather information related to individuals’ health.

Although, medical mobile apps have remarkable usability and success, yet you should not expect all apps to be successful. To make a healthcare mobile app successful among users, it is vital to develop it to serve quality user experience, simply user interfaces and effective functionality. For this purpose, a health app developer must consider various aspects where the previous medical mobile apps have failed in the past. The most common shortcomings noticed in numerous failed medical apps include less clinical input, confusing structure, poor functionality and problem in comply with strict privacy practices.

So, a dedicated medical app developer must focus on developing meaningful app that should be highly reliable and follows the security law and regulation. In addition, the usage of the app should be simple and clutter-free.

Main Features That Successful Healthcare Mobile Apps Boast Of –

Today, app developers are consistently trying to find out new ways to enhance medical apps. One of the key features of a successful healthcare app is its power to gather and evaluate data of patients’ health conditions from multiple medical devices. It usually requires various significant features which an expert medical app developer can only develop. An experienced healthcare and medical mobile app development process considers the needs and expectations of target audience at first and then strategize the development process to implement features rightly. When a medical app is patient-oriented, it grows its chances to gain success and be a priority healthcare solution.

The key features of successful healthcare mobile apps available in the market are as below:

i. Easy access to medical records of patients from mobile, laptop or PC
ii. Check doctors’ schedule easily from mobile
iii. Easy to book, edit or cancel a doctor’s appointment
iv. Allows to check lab test reports
v. Gives notifications on various new updates about hospital or healthcare centers
vi. Gives reminders related to doctor’s appointment
vii. Gives reminders on prescription
viii. Allows users to upload or download their health reports like ultrasound scans, X-rays, MRI report etc.
ix. Quickly call a doctor to get instant medical help
x. Allows users to make prescription refill reports
xi. Check profiles and bio data of doctors along with their photographs, records, publications and any kind of credentials
xii. Assistance of pop-up maps to find exact route to a hospital, section and wards and also indication of a floor you are on.
xiii. Allows users to monitor changes in height or weight, levels of cholesterol and glucose and any other indicators related to health

What are the benefits of developing healthcare mobile apps?

  • A blessing to hospital staff
  • Lessens the risk associated to wrong diagnostic reports
  • Advantageous solution for patients living in rural areas
  • Tracks down health conditions in an appropriate manner
  • Simplifying hospital and clinical operations
  • Eases up paper work

As medical apps have eased up many tasks of hospital administration, it is a real boon to hospital administrative department, doctors and nurses. Using the app, one can easily access the details of a patient and can also be updated when required by doctors or their assistants. At emergency situations, doctors can review the condition quickly from the app and can suggest the best suiting medication.

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