In modern time, e-transport has become the most preferred and popular form of travelling for all. In various cities of the world, you can see e-scooters booing around and showing their prevalence to the commuters. This popularity is encouraging business owners and automobile companies to look around the benefits of electric scooter application and get one to stay abreast with the market competition. There are so many expert e scooter app developers available who know all about e-scooter mobile app and hence create the best apps furnished with advanced features. This article will reveal some unknown factors about electric scooter application and make readers know its value in the present era.

E-Scooters – An Idea Towards Advanced Innovation –

The effectiveness and success of e-scooter business can be measured by the success stories of leading giants in this segment which include Lime, Bird and Spin. As e-scooter and apps are in a great demand, one can rent them for over $1 per mile. Though the renting is not specified with a certain rule, but it definitely makes commuting easier and fun for commuters. One can easily locate the location of these scooters, make payment of ride and can also park at a certain parking zone in an area. So, it makes commuting simpler and clutter-free.
So, how e-scooter apps can be beneficial for a business owner. Well, for that, you must get an e-scooter mobile application first and then, use it for business.

How Does An E-Scooter App Work –

The reason of the popularity of e-scooters is not just the price, but people love them because they find it more convenient for short distance commuting, office to home and vice versa etc. So, if you are new to use e-scooter app, you must be interested to know how to use or rent them out. Following mentioned the guidelines for the same.

  • Sign into the app by putting in your details and also put payment details.

  • Find a scooter or bike located nearby

  • Unlock a scooter using QR code from your smartphone and enjoy the ride.

  • Once you step down to the destination, you can lock scooter and that’s it.

Easy Registration –

Whether you accept or not, a complex app registration often discourage users to ignore the service. So, when you want to attract maximum potential customers towards your business, you should provide them easy registration to access your e scooter app. So, follow a registration process that is short and simple and the integration with social media sites will be a plus in this process.

Setup Online Payment Mode –

As in e-scooter, no panel for driver is available for payment collection, you should setup online payment mode. For safe and quick payments, you can integrate payment gateways like CCAvenue, Paypal and Stripe.

Locate Your Ride –

Locate your ride option has to be at the home page of the app. The service has to be mentioned along with cost per hour on the home page. For precise location of the e-scooter, the home screen must be integrated with GPS system.

GPS Navigation –

As this app is meant for easy travelling, you should not forget to include GPS navigation to search e scooter nearby, navigating to your parking lot, and selecting the destination. During navigation, the app would allow users to see traffic, time to reach your destination etc. In navigation, the app should feature:
  I. An error report in the e-scooter app
  II. Contact the customer service
  III. Press emergency or panic button
  IV. Trip end

Rating, Review/ Feedback From Customers –

The e-scooter app is meant for serving customers. Hence, it must contain a section dedicated to commuters where they can share their experience and feedback. By going through customer experiences, you can further enhance your app service. By the end of the ride, the users would be displayed with a pop-up message with 5 stars and section to share review.

Option For Push Notifications –

The provision for this option will enable customers to have notifications related to their successful ride booking, any kind of payment deduction, end of the trip and any sort of promotional message.

Customer Assistance –

For every e-scooter app, the customer service section is mandatory. Usually, these apps have three service options namely phone, live chat and email. From this section, customers can easily communicate with your company and bring any urgent issue in your consideration. It will enhance the customer loyalty and trust in your services.

Deals, Coupons & Cashbacks –

To make your e-scooter app successful, you must provide lucrative offers and promotional deals to your customers. These deals won’t just work like an incentive to make your customers delighted, but return with more business to you. So, you must place deals, coupons and cashback offers reflected on the top of the home page of your app.
E-scooter applications are trending in the modern time due to its scalability and amazing funding. By adequately developing an advanced e-scooter app, you can have a great business in local commuting, but make sure your app must contain aforementioned features that keep customers delighted and contented.

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