Does E-Commerce call for M-Commerce too?

Posted on 2019-03-04

Business online is in-trend where consumers get the privilege to shop anything, at any time and from anywhere with just one single tap and that is all it takes. The day to day chores has become considerably easy where you can order any service online and get the benefits. One idea is all it takes to build a business and when you bring it online; the sky is the limit.

The examples are many, be it be saloon services from UrbanClap, buy furniture from pepperfry, get groceries from bigbasket, or enjoy food by swiggy. They directly hit the market with M-Commerce.

What is E-Commerce?

For those who are new into understanding the concept of M-Commerce, let’s first traverse through what E-commerce is.

E-Commerce: Streaming your business by creating websites for buying and selling purpose with secure payment gateways and other services is what E-Commerce stands for. You can sell anything online and that would require an e-commerce website that runs healthily and is user-friendly. But, with the changing times, the trends of user shopping, has also changed. Though e-commerce websites can be optimised and made mobile-friendly, the problem still stands as sometimes the websites do not allow easy access to the user and here we need a mobile app.

According to the report, it is foreseen that the number of mobile users is rising up to be 5 million in the present year, 2019. That’s a whopping big number. Mobile commerce app development is not only the need of the hour but has now become a prodigy where the shopping trends are revolutionising aggressively at a faster pace.

What is M-Commerce?

“M” stands for the word “Mobile” and commerce is the buying and selling of products, similar to e-commerce. The only difference is that instead of an e-commerce website, mobile apps have taken its place.

But, this is not as simple as it seems. We cannot completely say that there is no longer a need for an e-commerce website. Though today the business is growing online and are being introduced directly through mobile apps, each distinctly has its own healthy running e-commerce website as well. It is a simultaneous process where one calls for the other.

Websites that are optimised and made mobile friendly renders the same M-Commerce services but it will have limitations in comparison to the Mobile Application itself. For the simple reason, that a mobile optimised website can never be as friendly to the user as a mobile app can be. The downloading of the webpage on mobiles, screen resolution, then pop windows while online purchases can very well make it difficult for the customer’s easy access and many times it is possible that you will lose the client instead. So when we talk of M-Commerce we are definitely referring to mobile application and not mobile friendly websites.

Is it true that E-commerce calls for M-commerce?

To explain this precisely the best example that one has witnessed in the past years where e-commerce stood out to be equally important with m-commerce is Myntra. In the year 2016, Myntra decided to stop their e-commerce website completely and offer consumers to do shopping online with Myntra through its official mobile app alone. This was a bad move as the sales dropped, customer complaints bombarded their system and there was a significant drop in their overall business statistics. They quickly revived their e-commerce website again and also continued its mobile app. After a hefty loss that Myntra suffered, it was a lesson to all the business companies out there that e-commerce does call for m-commerce and both cannot stand alone completely negating each other.

It is still difficult to predict the “consumer mentality” despite the statistics, artificial intelligence evaluation and marketing trends. Researchers and Business Analysts from around the globe have spoken and shared their valuable viewpoints. One thing that can be righteously concluded is that what is comforting to one individual can be a heck of a job for another.

To put this in other words, a customer who likes a big screen and likes to shop with the comfort of a laptop may negate mobile apps completely. On the other hand, those who are always on smartphones and find them easier than switching on to their laptops will prefer mobile apps significantly. It is the way an individual becomes habitual to. Psychology well explains that “the man is a slave to his habit”.

Online Competition for Mobile Apps!

It is imperative that for a business to run without hindrances and any kind of hurdles that they invest in creating a mobile app that would offer their consumers with dynamic features, is lively and vivacious offering full customer support at all times. For this to happen one would require an innovative Mobile App Development Company who can present your business with the ideal app standing significantly from the rest out there.

The common reason where a customer would de-install apps is when it hangs up the system too often and does not work correctly. Here, the question arises that are you willing to take the risk?

The competition is this niche is rocketing fast and this calls for more and more skills and intellect of the team that is regularly working to optimise the app to keep it updated, fix bugs that may crop up with time and keep the customer happy which stand the priority.

The perks of Mobile Apps for M-Commerce!

  • User-friendly as it renders easy access
  • Easy Brand Promotion through notifications
  • Helps in keeping consumers hooked
  • A significant increase in sales
  • Less time consuming as it loads faster
  • Works in accordance with the consumer’s convenience
  • Fast online transactions with secure payment gateways
  • Easy Advertising

To sum it up we can say that mobile apps are a cherry on the cake, which means it is that privilege that a consumer can choose to use as per his choice and needs.

Mobile apps for a successful M-Commerce to flourish your business and be on cloud nine calls for Intellisense; A Mobile App Development Company in Jalandhar.

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