Did you ever pay attention to the real hero behind the working of digital marketing?

In this article, we are going to point out the lifeblood of the e-commerce industry which is Artificial Intelligence (AI). Artificial Intelligence is highly used in digital marketing for the collection of data on targeting advertisement, to predict the relevance of content, for product association for customers, for making perception in buying trends of customers for cross-selling, to effectively evaluate the impact of the customer’s psychology that have maximized effect on the targeted segments of the business. However, not many organisations actually understand the role of AI in the market, resulting in only a few actual leaders in the market that use AI as an effective technology method to enhance their online business through search engine rankings.

AI technology is not always performed using a stable method; it is gradually developing which is designed for classification, labeling and presentation of the data which is important to meet the needs of the customer at a particular point of time. The AI skills are most significantly able to develop and improve the future of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) beyond the simple keyword phrases.

Artificial Intelligence is classified into major three types as projected below:

  •    Narrow
  •    General
  •    Super

For unique and specific data types, Artificial Narrow Intelligence (ANI) is used. For human-like features is achieved by the AI comes under the Artificial General Intelligence (AGI). The part of AI which is beyond the point where human intelligence can reach, are marked as Artificial Super Intelligence (ASI).

In online activities like; how do customer’s junk mail filters operate, Google Translations, and IBM’s Watson, AI has many different uses.  The newest add-on is the Rankbrain which is Google’s machine-learning system for AI which helps in processing the results of Google search. Therefore, when it comes to cut-throat competition in the current competitive market, AI as a role in SEO is able to bring out the most appropriate and related methods for the organisation’s website.

Majority of the business now days works in a modernized way by expanding their area or work accessible through every corner of the world, which is possible through e-commerce and AI is the solution for success.

Businesses nowadays know the changing trends in buyer’s choices being inclined to shop online which have been shown in the recent statistics which estimates that 1.92  billion global buyers shall take part in e-commerce website activities in the year 2019, which is further expected to increase to more than 2 billion by 2021.

This increase in e-commerce audience has given a huge rise in the creative methods used by companies to attract customers and maintain a global reach. Creating dynamic email messaging to visual and voice searches, companies make all the effort in reaching the online potential buyers. The tools used are made possible through the power of automation and majorly Artificial Intelligence (AI).

AI has gradually developed to provide the marketers with a foot forward in enhancing their e-commerce marketing efforts.

Ecommerce Future Trends

In the past, the word AI was positioned in the minds linked to the thought of robots, futuristic machines, and advanced computers.

Today, with the great evolution AI is the lifeblood for any company success which using marketing, machine learning and automation.

The days are long gone when buyers were dependent for information from sellers waiting in the shop, now the seller has to be present everywhere, which is the result of vast evolution of e-commerce, and in order to have omnipresence in the market AI is the tool used by the marketers to reach its customers through a variety of social media platforms and websites.

In online purchasing through the websites like; Amazon, Flipkart, and  others there is a virtual cart and through AI there can be any forms of information that can be collected to what the buyer selects in the cart and what the customer abandons it, which is done through an automatically triggered email or suggestion bar which helps in collecting information about the buyer trends, both individually and for the whole targeted market and also inviting the customer to complete their purchase in case they abandon their cart. All this is made possible through the advancement in AI.

A digital marketer which bears the endless potential for learning and understanding the customer behavior is similar to the AI technology used in e-commerce nowadays, and AI tools are crucial because e-commerce market is currently growing at a fast pace.

Virtual Personal Assistant

With AI you can have a personal assistant to work for you round the clock who initially seem not as obvious, but is invaluable for anyone with a business. Making a business work manually is very time consuming and not an easy task every day without losing productivity, but which Virtual Personal Assistant (VPA) it is all possible, it's just like appointing a person for the job who would need no sleep and does all the work without compromising productivity.

Better Projection of customer trends

It is very important for any business type to know the trends in the customer needs, and with AI the company can have a better idea of what the customer would potentially buy next, all of which is possible by continuous data collection used to analyse the customer selection. Predictive marketing is an essential part of the business and uses machine learning, which is a form of AI.

The customers with the use of predictive marketing through AI would get suggestions on what they want, how they see it, and also the price points for the products as displayed on the e-commerce website and information collected through AI.


Artificial Intelligence can help you start personalizing the marketing campaigns for your e-commerce websites, while also enhancing the customer interaction with the business. The customer’s history and specific tasks, their needs can also be responded by the personalized intelligent automation which is a part of AI.

The e-commerce business through AI will be able to make better product recommendations, set the prices, send emails to a target market, delivering personalised advertisements, and also help create and recommend contents for them.

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