Most of us are skeptical about jumping on to the online world and building an online presence. Some believe that there is not a requirement for that kind of audience and others are still ignorant of the perks it offers.

It is imperative to understand the need for Online Business Reputation or the business will not grow and soon the doors will be shut. This is concerning and should not be ignored at all!

If you have a business and you do not have a website then you are missing out on great opportunities. According to the statistics lump sum 80 per cent of the consumers are online and out of which 50 per cent shop twice. This means that there is a higher chance of any business to make a good profit. We at Intellisense a leading Web Development Company in India are here for your help!

Below are the reasons for getting an Active Business Website:

A boon and a blessing for a small business!

If you are an entrepreneur or hold small businesses, then, do know that with the power of a healthy running website, you can fetch leads right in. It is cost-effective and cost-efficient. This means that with the little resources, one can gain great momentum considerably in a short period of time.

Here is how it will work! When one invests in a website, it becomes a gateway for communication with the customers. It becomes that platform where one can analyse, observe and consider the outcomes in full light where a business can make strategies according to the activities on the website. Customer feedback, traffic analysis and advertising campaigns will highlight where people are accumulating more on the website and the different strategies that can be formed to grow the business further. It becomes a gateway for progress. One can generate massive leads which can turn into a fan following pretty quickly.

Low Maintenance and Services

Websites require bare minimum maintenance. Regular updating is required as that ensures that the website is active and the customer will keep coming back. But, as far as the functions of the websites are involved, once it is developed, it will be error free as the Developers will run several tests before making it live. This is the reason that the websites are low maintenance and the services to ensure smooth running are offered in the package itself, which is why it becomes cost-efficient.


Mobile-Friendly and Responsive Websites

Online Reputation does not require many hassles. The key lies in investing in a website that is responsive and mobile-friendly. It is revealed by Google Statistics that 75 per cent of the users are active on smartphones and out of which 65 per cent keep coming back to check the new products and highlights on social media platforms. This calls for websites that offer web compatibility and mobile friendliness. Cross-platform development is the most beneficial way of stepping into the online world. Simply, because that way there is no two programming required for building a website separately for different platforms. One website will work on both Android and iOS operating systems as they are responsive and will adjust to the screen well without overflowing.

To get a Business App in link with the website is a clever move! Our team of Android & iOS App Developers works with latest cross-platform technologies. It depends on the need of the Business and the market they want to enter. Cross-platform or single platform, our developers are expert in creating website applications that can turn into wonderful apps or separate entities as the need might be, offering the best user experience.

There are a ton of inspirational and responsive designs in the market. According to the nature and purpose of the Business, our experts will create a design that will help set that first impression. It is always about impression as that is how a business is known in the Digital World. For a customer to trust, a credible impact is important.


Website Marketing for Brand Awareness

Website Marketing is an important aspect to work on. Once the website is up and running, now there comes a need for the website to rank well on the Search Engines. This is where Website Marketing comes into play. For a Business that steps online, it is imperative to make a Brand Awareness. Our experts have all the tips and tricks of Digital Marketing to popularize any Business on social media platforms and across the web with powerful results. Not only there will be brand awareness but a successful Brand Identity will form which is the major focus for any business to flourish.

Website Marketing includes:

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Optimization
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing and Subscriptions
  • Advertising and Campaigning on various Channels
  • YouTube Marketing ( a major focus in 2019)
  • Google AdWords and PPC (pay per click)

Above are just a few of the Digital Marketing services that we offer. There is much more to it.  We have that secret blend that can take your business where the sky will be the limit.

To Conclude:

The website is that first initiative that one should take before stepping online.  If you jump directly on to the social media, then that might prove a futile move because people in order to build trust, will want to check out the website.  

Today, the trends are changing so much so, that before a customer decides to buy the product or get the services will often first check out the website and online links before even visiting the store in person. One may gain that initial interest of the customers on their social media business profiles but will soon find it difficult to maintain a steady fan following because of the lack of trust that comes with the lack of a Business Website.

It takes passion, dedication and great skill to innovate something out of the ordinary and woe the world. One idea with a team of skilled developers can bring the business to outshine the rest and compete like never before. We at Intellisense are a stellar Company that offers unmatched services in Web and Mobile App Development in India.


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