"My name is Oscar Sandberg and I'm from Stockholm in Sweden. In late 2012 I came up with an app idea for Android. Since this was my first time that I asked someone else to do a software program, I checked the market inside and outside. I first hired a Chinese company because of the price. But after 1 month I saw that they couldn't offer me what I wanted and I found Intellisense Technology. They offered me the job for half the price and 3/4 of the time that the Chinese company had offered me. Now I have the finished app Joker Challenge for Android and I'm very happy with the result."

Oscar SandbergSweden

"I would like to thank the team at Intellisense Technology for doing a great job for my international website. The team are highly skilled and very professional, They turned an idea into a reality. I would recommend you talk to the team at Intellisense and discuss your website development needs, they can get your business online fast & create a website for you for mobile , tablet and PC."


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