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A Website is a Gateway to Expedite Business Online

Posted on 2019-03-25

Most of us are sceptical about jumping on to the online world and building an online presence. Some believe that there is not a requirement for that kind of audience and others are still ignorant of the perks it offers.

It is imperative to understand the need for Online Business Reputation or the business will not grow and soon the doors will be shut. This is concerning and should not be ignored at all!

If you have a business and you do not have a website then you are missing out on great opportunities. According to the statistics lump sum 80 per cent of the consumers are online and out of which 50 per cent shop twice. This means that there is a higher chance of any business to make a good profit. We at Intellisense a leading Web Development Company in India are here for your help!

Below are the reasons for getting an Active Business Website:

A boon and a blessing for a small business!

If you are an entrepreneur or hold small businesses, then, do know that with the power of a healthy running website, you can fetch leads right in. It is cost-effective and cost-efficient. This means that with the little resources, one can gain great momentum considerably in a short period of time.

Here is how it will work! When one invests in a website, it becomes a gateway for communication with the customers. It becomes that platform where one can analyse, observe and consider the outcomes in full light where a business can make strategies according to the activities on the website. Customer feedback, traffic analysis and advertising campaigns will highlight where people are accumulating more on the website and the different strategies that can be formed to grow the business further. It becomes a gateway for progress. One can generate massive leads which can turn into a fan following pretty quickly.

Low Maintenance and Services

Websites require bare minimum maintenance. Regular updating is required as that ensures that the website is active and the customer will keep coming back. But, as far as the functions of the websites are involved, once it is developed, it will be error free as the Developers will run several tests before making it live. This is the reason that the websites are low maintenance and the services to ensure smooth running are offered in the package itself, which is why it becomes cost-efficient.


Mobile-Friendly and Responsive Websites

Online Reputation does not require many hassles. The key lies in investing in a website that is responsive and mobile-friendly. It is revealed by Google Statistics that 75 per cent of the users are active on smartphones and out of which 65 per cent keep coming back to check the new products and highlights on social media platforms. This calls for websites that offer web compatibility and mobile friendliness. Cross-platform development is the most beneficial way of stepping into the online world. Simply, because that way there is no two programming required for building a website separately for different platforms. One website will work on both Android and iOS operating systems as they are responsive and will adjust to the screen well without overflowing.

To get a Business App in link with the website is a clever move! Our team of Android & iOS App Developers works with latest cross-platform technologies. It depends on the need of the Business and the market they want to enter. Cross-platform or single platform, our developers are expert in creating website applications that can turn into wonderful apps or separate entities as the need might be, offering the best user experience.

There are a ton of inspirational and responsive designs in the market. According to the nature and purpose of the Business, our experts will create a design that will help set that first impression. It is always about impression as that is how a business is known in the Digital World. For a customer to trust, a credible impact is important.


Website Marketing for Brand Awareness

Website Marketing is an important aspect to work on. Once the website is up and running, now there comes a need for the website to rank well on the Search Engines. This is where Website Marketing comes into play. For a Business that steps online, it is imperative to make a Brand Awareness. Our experts have all the tips and tricks of Digital Marketing to popularise any Business on social media platforms and across the web with powerful results. Not only there will be brand awareness but a successful Brand Identity will form which is the major focus for any business to flourish.

Website Marketing includes:

  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Social Media Optimisation
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing and Subscriptions
  • Advertising and Campaigning on various Channels
  • YouTube Marketing ( a major focus in 2019)
  • Google AdWords and PPC (pay per click)

Above are just a few of the Digital Marketing services that we offer. There is much more to it.  We have that secret blend that can take your business where the sky will be the limit.

To Conclude:

The website is that first initiative that one should take before stepping online.  If you jump directly on to the social media, then that might prove a futile move because people in order to build trust, will want to check out the website.  

Today, the trends are changing so much so, that before a customer decides to buy the product or get the services will often first check out the website and online links before even visiting the store in person. One may gain that initial interest of the customers on their social media business profiles but will soon find it difficult to maintain a steady fan following because of the lack of trust that comes with the lack of a Business Website.

It takes passion, dedication and great skill to innovate something out of the ordinary and woe the world. One idea with a team of skilled developers can bring the business to outshine the rest and compete like never before. We at Intellisense are a stellar Company that offers unmatched services in Web and Mobile App Development in India.


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Does your Business require GPS Tracking Software?

Posted on 2019-03-25

GPS Tracking has become an essential part of our lives. As more and more of us are becoming independent and busy in the routines, more is the need for GPS tracking from the security point of view as well. Today, most of the web and mobile applications are developing with in-built tracking software that allows the user to be able to use the mobile app in multiple ways.

Life becomes easy!

A business can blossom in multifaceted ways if you choose to add the GPS Tracking Software feature as well. The purpose or niche of an app can be any.  Whether, you solely want an app for a business that is only adhering to GPS Tracking facilities or not, adding the feature helps in numerous ways. For example; in the case of a food app, if it has the tracking feature, it can help the customer find a store nearby. Also, the location helps the credentials to fill in automatically while ordering online which helps the client save the time and that unnecessary trouble that we all hate. Nobody likes to do the job manually anymore and such designs that are UI and UX compatible are taking the world by storm. It all depends on the intellect of the app developer where he can think from the User point of view and make attractive, charismatic and useful apps. Life really becomes easy with an app which has the maximum utility.


How does the GPS Tracking System work?

Global Navigation Satellite System network (GNSS) operates the GPS System. There are satellites that transmit the signals to GPS Devices in microwave signals. As they are exact in locating, one can not only track the location but also find the speed, distance velocity of the vehicles as well. One can come to know the time in which one will reach his destination with features that include traffic alerts, reminders and much more. Also, the data is saved on the device, so once you look for a place, the history will stay and can be fetched as and when you require.

The satellites revolve around the Earth and are constantly sending signals which can be called as radio signals that the GPS Devices catch. The exactness depends on the positioning of the device which is why to locate any place one has to switch on the GPS Location on their smartphones, laptops or PCs to exactly calculate the distance, time and routes to where one wants to go.

Ensures the safety of your loved ones!

The real-time GPS Tracking Software feature is the best service that it provides. With this type of tracking, the device can be monitored 24/7 ensuring the safety of your loved ones at all times. It is not possible for you to be with your children all the time but their safety can be a matter of concern. Safety concerns are always a big issue and today mobile apps are hitting the market where they provide tracking services with real-time location tracker.

This means that no matter where your wife or husband is heading to, you will always know that they are doing fine. A security breach can be one of the possible outcomes but if the tracker is used cautiously, such situations can be avoided. It is always advised to never share the password and keep the gadget or device that one is using close to oneself so that no one can enter in that privacy.

What can we track using GPS?

Today, the horizon has evolved so much that one can apply the GPS Service on almost anything. Popularly, the service is quite much in use when it comes to tracking:

  • Vehicles
  • Field Equipment
  • Drones
  • Fleet
  • Shipments
  • And of course People

There is a new industry that is now working only on creating software, applications and more that can track devices, exact locations, calculate speed and distance, so much so, that it has not only found its way in the military but in the lives of a common man.

Initially, GPS was a sole idea to help the US Military and it is from there, that this service came to be known and now the whole world uses it. It created sensation and today it is working successfully in every department. Detectives, police and other such departments use the service to track down vehicles of people (cheating husbands, wives, and children), criminals or personalities under vigilance. There are ways where GPS chips can be implanted cleverly and can track all the activity and places that one who is under the radar visits. A lot many cases get solved when hi-tech tracking software comes into play and this is only the beginning.


For Your Business!

It is imperative that for any application to be successful in the market that there should be a facility of GPS tracking. Artificial Intelligence changes its algorithms quite frequently. With Alexa, Siri and many such devices in play, GPS is that one system that locates and answers the query of the people. The “near me” tag is best answered when the device allows the GPS location to be accessed and the application is compatible with the operating system. The websites and the application that one uses are all under the GPS radar which is why the user experience becomes wonderful. The app developer will ensure the proper functioning of the service and is only one of the added features that work side by side amongst other features that the mobile app offers.

For a client who is looking to get a GPS Device built then, in that case, one will require a pany who has the expertise with high-quality hardware and software system can build any device according to the needs of the client that can hit the market with a bang! It requires an adroit and sharp mind to create something out of the ordinary that can target the right audience, prove beneficial and solve the purpose with the idea of which the device is developed.

Intellisense, one of the leading GPS Tracking Software Company has been rendering their expertise where they work with high-end technologies and hardware systems building professional, modern and unique GPS devices.

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Is Home Automation redefining our lives

Posted on 2019-03-14

Today, the era that we are living in is far different from before where Artificial Intelligence has taken over our lives in prominent ways. Automation itself started in the early 1900s but was limited to Industrial and other Commercial Sectors where mechanics and machinery were involved. Slowly and steadily, it carved its way into the life of the people.

Home Automation is a concept that is advancing at a faster pace in India. Earlier, where it used to be only limited to Luxury homes, businesses and high-end environments are now catering to the needs of other sectors of society as well. The term broadly means modifying homes in such a way that you can control its functions remotely. These functions are of electronic nature which means anything that can be controlled with a single device through the power of the internet. This is why Home Automation today is called the "internet of things."

Blossoming Home Automation Developments

With the help of Artificial Intelligence, earlier when it was only possible to control heating, cooling and lighting systems of a home or any space but now almost anything can be controlled that comes under the category of “smart devices”.

Home appliances that are smart that means that are equipped with Wi-Fi or Ethernet can be controlled from a remote device. Smartphones can be quiet handy in taking control of the functions of your home.

Think of it this way; you are out of your house and forgot to switch the Air Conditioner off. You are sleeping at the odd hours of the day and that sunlight coming from the window get so annoying. Now, take out your phone and control the blinds, switch off the devices and even get the coffee running before you are even out of the bed.

Anything can be controlled and best still, one can schedule the function according to the daily routine, so that life becomes even more spectacular. We are the leading Home and Building Automation Company in India that can enable the smart living for you! Control the water sprinkler, check the security cameras, shut or close the doors of the home, get the kitchen appliances running, auto-detect sensors and more. Home Automation has numerous possibilities and can be facilitated as per the environment and individual needs.

Automation and its horizon!

The word itself refers to anything that can be controlled and function with the ability to schedule events and program the devices on a network. For it to work successfully, one requires Wi-Fi connection a remote device to let the action taken place and to manoeuvre the same manually. When it comes to Home Automation, depending on the area one wants to control whether semi control or fully control one’s space, a speared remote control can be built or all the functions can be attached to one’s Smartphone through an application.

The wonderful aspect of such functionality is that one get reminder, notifications, updates and more on the device itself to keep a check on one’s home from anywhere. A remote app lets you take care of all the home operations from starting to shut off of alarm systems, to lock and unlock doors, control smoke sensors, water sprinkler, lighting, and other smart appliances.

How to make the best use of Home Automation?

Schedule the system! The daily life routine of every individual is different. Keeping that in mind, one has the liberty to control the house chores according to the need and time of the day when one wants certain things to be done. You may or may not be home but can carry out the regular functions where you can give commands and the appliances and systems will work and also you will be updated about it. One can check the cameras and security systems to keep an eye on how the things are being carried out.

When we are away and are about to reach home on a hot sunny day, we need the comfort of an Air Conditioner. It takes quite some time for the place to cool down. Now, if you had the control then one can switch on the cooling system from the office itself and before you reach home, it will be up to an optimal temperature. This is just one of the examples. One can take charge and use the service, operate it manually or set on automatic mode as and when one likes. No hassles at all!

We are expert Home and Building Automation Company where we provide solutions for any kind of automation whether for the work environment or for homes.

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What is Embedded System Hardware and Software?

Posted on 2019-03-04

Embedded Systems are not as easy as it seems. There is often curiosity among the youngsters on which if the two to make a good career in. It is to be understood that both Hardware and Software engineers stand indispensable in creating fully functional and error free machinery.  Usually, the students aspiring to be computer Engineers will be given training in both the niche but according to their interests either of the two a student can select for to specialise in.

What is Hardware?

In layman’s language, the hardware is just a piece of metal. Any physical component including the wiring and coils etc. is Hardware; a component of the machinery that builds it. CPU, Monitor, Keyboard, drive, motherboard and printed circuit board design etc. are some of its examples. To sum it up physical parts of any machinery is called Hardware.

What is Software?

The embedded codes in the hardware, which one can build by using any computer languages (C++, Java, SQL, .Net etc.) is called the software. Without the software, the machinery cannot run. The circuit without the embedded coding will be unable to perform the functions to carry out a specific task intended. The computer will not function if there is no operating system. The CPU will only be able to function if the processor is correctly coded.

To explain in simple words, you will not be able to read this article if your computer did not have software supporting the web browser. Internet surfing would have been impossible.

So now that we have established the basic, let’s crack the codes for the understanding of PCB and Firmware Development:

Embedded System is built by putting both hardware and software together. It can work as a separate entity or in the coordination of other components to work as a single device. For example; CPU is composed of Control Unit and Arithmetic Logic. It includes input and output devices and auxiliary storage units; ROM and RAM. Here, the embedded system is working in the coordination of several components, which helps one to see and carry out operations on a computer screen.

As a single embedded system, one can make different gadgets and machinery for example; stopwatches, DVD Players, household appliances like microwave, ovens, washing machines etc.

To makes any embedded system which is functional and carry out operations successfully; it requires PCB and Firmware Development.

What is the Printed Circuit Board Design (PCB)?

PCB Designing is an artwork, to be honest. An important component of any system which makes it possible to run any kind of machinery is what PCB is all about. The construction of the circuit is where the hard work lies and to make it efficient, one needs to have a thorough understanding of microprocessors and microcontrollers.

PCB is an electronic circuit which is made of materials that cannot conduct electricity but the copper tracks that one sees on the boards are electronically charged that conducts electricity amongst the components interchangeably. Automotives, wireless devices, user-interface gadgets, and for a machine to machine communication etc. are the examples which cannot run with a PCB.

To create a well working, bug-free PCB is no less than an art. It is the masterpiece of the developer on which the working of the device full depends. Once can design PCB in multiple ways by using all the techniques of drilling, plating, punching and finally fabrication of the process that ensures it working rightfully. From plastic imaging of the circuit, then to selection of the material and finally the finished product; it takes a lot of time and effort to create a Printed Circuit Board Design. After the PCB is built it goes for stripping and etching which is the process of clearing out unwired copper by chemical solutions like ammonium persulphate or ferric chloride etc. and thorough cleaning then it is put for the test.

What is Firmware Development?

Firmware is a non-volatile memory that is embedded in the hardware to save the device from loss of programme in case of electricity is unavailable or the system shuts down abruptly. Embedded firmware helps in controlling the system functions that are part of operating systems which forms the software. Embedded firmware is in everything that we use. Any electronic device cannot function without the embedded firmware. All the functions of machinery from read-only to random access memory, all operations are carried out by the operating system and forms an integral part of firmware development.

There is a slight difference between embedded software and embedded firmware. The embedded software run on ROM and is often used only in computers carrying out different functions but embedded firmware is much flexible and can refer to processing of any kind out of the computer mechanism as well. It is used in Industrial automation system and user-interface gadgets to be more precise.

For any gadget to function PCB and firmware development is a process that works together. It is the hardware and software of the system that is embedded in coordination and one cannot function alone. Without the software, the machinery won’t work. Both are co-dependent.

What is happening today in the field of “computing and automation”?

Engineers today are working on finding new ways of making the systems efficient; to match up with day to day requirements and innovate something spectacular. There are so many gadgets and devices hitting the market like power banks, LED lighting embedded systems, robotic devices, house control systems, electronic devices that are working with Command-line interface and much more. The field is skyrocketing and one idea is all it takes. With the help of hardware and software engineering, one gets a platform to explore invent or bring out the best by updating the prevalent models. When we talk of technology, smart gadgets, and computer systems; there is always a scope for improvement. New technology will overcome the old and innovation is bound to happen irrespectively.

According to the requirement and need, one can create an appliance, machinery or anything of the sort that can attract the customer that will help in sufficing the need in one way or the other.

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Is Home Automation redefining our lives
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What is Embedded System Hardware and Software?
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