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Entrepreneurs Manual to Success

Posted on 2019-05-15

Entrepreneurs Manual to Success

Cut short the hubbub & think out of the Horizon

The internet is bombarded with suggestions and ideas telling you what to do and what not to! We are here to cut short the hubbub and present crystal clear meanings of what as an entrepreneur your thought-process and direction should be. The sky is the limit and one can achieve success at skyrocketing speed with the help of Digital Media at hands.

All one needs is the right tools, guidance and the unending drive to do something out of the ordinary. If you have that killing instinct and are stubborn to not give up then, there is an entrepreneur inside of you that is waiting to come out of its shell!

Ask yourself the below questions:

Why do you want to be an Entrepreneur?

Don’t just step into the market just because the people you know are doing it! You have to have an aim, a direction and a purpose that drives and ignites every day with a spark with a dedication to move forward. Look inside the heart and find out that reason which is urging you to leave everything aside and set-up a business.

In the journey of an entrepreneur, the most important thing is self-belief & the ability to convert that belief into reality! - Mukesh Ambani

For an entrepreneur, it is all about taking risks! Not everybody has the heart to fight for the dreams as fear, insecurity and money can drive one crazy. A mind which is ready to fight the insecurities and is ready to step into the ambiguous world that we are living in and is up for fighting the competition is what one needs to be.

The world is your oyster! As an Entrepreneur, you have a vast exposure to innumerable opportunities. Play with the ideas, create a team and solve the mysteries that nobody has dared to yet. It can leave you and the world stunned with the ideas that will sweep the floor like a storm.


Do you have a Business Philosophy?

For a Business to have a philosophy is a must as that helps to connect with the customers. Every brand that we see has a philosophy behind that defines as to what their sole purpose is to step into the market. It is not just something to be written on the paper as a purpose to start a business but it is something that can create an impact on the customer. Business Philosophy which is meaningful helps the community in some way, connects with the hearts of the people and has a thoughtful motive behind is what you need for your Business to grow.

Every advertisement, a banner, a tag line to promote the brand works ideally on the Business Philosophy that is the essence of what the business exudes.


Are you looking to make profits?

Today, the thinking of the young entrepreneurs are changing where more than the profit, the focus is on the utility. If you are someone who is following the herd then the idea and the business will surely not last long. One can never rise if profit is the main agenda to turn down the job and become an entrepreneur.

Think out of the box and do not confine your thinking to how you will make the money quick. Focus on how to create a Brand Identity and money will automatically follow. For any Business to be successful, the agenda should be on creating a presence which people admire and follow.

Make a difference by creating something out of the ordinary. The idea, thought process and the skill to captivate the minds is what truly constructs the personality of an Entrepreneur. Make choices and then stick to it! Do not change the focus too quick or else everything will be left to assumptions. The product that you are working on, the idea that you are trying to promote, stick to it and act accordingly. Keep the faith as the path is not going to be easy where people may not agree to you at times.

If you listen to your fears, you will die never knowing what a great person you might have been. - Robert H. Schuller

There can be differences, disbelief and insecurities can haunt one but the one who survives stays in the game! Change the focus from making money to generating leads and then the doors will open with an ocean full of opportunities for you.


The Success Mantra - Build Online Reputation

Step online to promote your idea quick and fast! Social Media Promotion, Advertising and Digital marketing across the various platforms which ensure generating leads is what one wants for a Business to create a Brand Identity quick.

The Success mantra for any Business lies in building an online reputation. It does not matter how small the start maybe but come out in the open and let people know what the Business is all about. Creating the website is the first step and it should be such that clearly puts the idea across. Consider a website as your personality, the more you polish the better it will shine. It is necessary that when one invests in creating a website that it should offer web compatibility; work on the norms of User Interface and User Experience Design. If it can be a Progressive Web Application then better it would be from the user perspective.

Depending on the nature of your Business whether it is purely for selling and buying or promoting services of some kind, a website is created that fulfils the purpose. There is a vast horizon that is at your disposal when you choose to step online.

People connect more and the idea spreads like fire! There can be both negative and positive publicity which is why your Business would require a team of Experts and Web Developers that can create a flawless website and out across the purpose of the Business across.

Today, it is the time to focus on creating a following if one wants to stay in the long run. There have been many examples where Entrepreneur came with a bang but very soon had to pack up their bags and go empty handed. Where they lacked is for you to find and how you can overcome the hurdles depends on the agility that you and your team members can render.

Invest in strategies that are cost effective and cost efficient. Getting a website should be the first step as that ensures a steady growth where you can also check the audience that comes and strategies accordingly. It presents with numerous opportunities that is all there for you to grab!

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Is Progressive Web Apps the next big thing ?

Posted on 2019-05-15

There is a lot of buzz around that Progressive Web Apps are the next big thing that are changing the way websites and mobile applications work in the modern day world. How true it is that time will tell, but one cannot negate the numerous possibilities that Progressive Web Apps offers. For a Business who is solely looking to target the audience and popularise its platform quick, Progressive Web Apps are the sure way to go!

What is Progressive Web App (PWA) & how is it changing the online scenario?

People are confused as to what actually Progressive Web App is and what utility it has that can benefit the user. For any market that one wants to target, the core focus is always the user experience. The websites that do not offer User Interface and User Experience features and designs are left at the backdrop and do not rank well on the search engines.

Now consider Progressive Web Apps to be a website as well as an app! Here you get the benefit of both the platforms, that is the same website functions as an app that the user can access from the mobile web browser without the need to install the specific app for the same.

Also, the same Progressive Web App is downloadable from the Google Play store or App stores where there are no extra efforts to create a different application. To be more precise, the same website that is built using Progressive Web Applications can be accessed on the web server directly as well in the app form which functions the same way. One benefits the experience of a native web app as well and deploys the same application that can be accessed through URLs, downloadable links and more.

How mind-boggling is that? It is the web but, it is way better than what a traditional website typically offers. To explain the benefits that PWA offers, check out the following list:

  • As the name itself, it is Progressive!

The experience is phenomenal where one gets the opportunity to use the application at one's convenience. You do not have to have a particular platform for it to work. It is progressive which means it offers web compatibility, loads quicker, on point navigation control, optimises itself according to the device and is workable on any operating system. The Progressive Web Apps are responsive and adjusts to any environment that one deploys it.

  • Security and Safe to Access:

One quality that defines PWAs is the secure connection that it offers to the users. These web applications are much more secure which means they are difficult to hack which reduces the rate of cyber crime considerably. As these applications work with HTTPS that offers secure protocol and connection, they are less likely to be tempered with or hit by a virus.

  • Keeps user engaged with Push Notification & More:

These applications are much more engaging as they work as a website and mobile application both. It does not matter whether the user is working on their smartphones, tablets, laptops or desktops because such websites can trigger notifications for the latest updates, as and when one prompts. Notification can intimidate the user for them to click on the links that pop up. It keeps the user hooked much more easily than any other media so far.

How Progressive Web Apps Upscale User Experience?

With so many perks that it offers PWAs are all about ensuring the best user experience and it keeps on enhancing the features to catch the attention. The way it upscales the utility is by providing with:

Offline Support: When did the websites have ever been accessible offline? PWAs have made it possible where the application works offline without hindering any of the work that you have been doing and without any loss of data. You have a weak internet connection, want to work offline and then update or use it whatever way you like, with offline support the working becomes easy.

Definitive & Reliable: Often weak internet connections and servers add to the troubles. Progressive Web Apps works just fine on low servers as well as it creates proxy web servers that allows one to have control of the cache. It means that the website will load faster nonetheless and keep the activity safe for you to access at any point in time. It takes away the dependence on the internet connection which makes PWAs definitive and reliable.

Fast & Engaging: There is no doubt about the fact that if the website takes more than 3 seconds to load, it will lose the user. There will be significant decrease in the website traffic which will obstruct the website ranking. But, with PWAs, one does not have to worry about the speed as they load faster each time irrespective of the internet connection as it uses the client-side proxy just like in the case of JavaScript.

Undoubtedly, PWAs are engaging as it gives the user with ease of access. Push Notifications and direct links to install the application without hitting on the App store is another feature which makes the process hassle-free.

Definitely, Progressive Web Applications are scoring high on the leaderboard because of the utility it gives and the faster working experience which makes work fun and entertaining. It kills the frustration where one has to wait for the functions to respond as with work offline support, you can complete the tasks as long as it takes without worrying for the loss of data.

The platforms that are in hype for creating Progressive Web Applications are Lighthouse and Dive Deeper. Both are open source platforms which provide with automated tools to create PWAs flawlessly. With these platforms, it saves the developer a lot of time to manually test each phase as these web applications do it for you which leave no room for errors.

In the end, we can well conclude that surely Progressive Web Apps are changing the patterns of online browsing where one gets the benefit of using one application both as a website and a native app.

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Cybercrime in Disguise! Ballooning Black Market of SSL Certificates

Posted on 2019-04-23

Before we get down to how the Cyber crime is sheathing itself behind the curtains of SSL Certificate that is using the Dark Web is the medium to Black market the certificates, we first need to understand what SSL Certificate is all about.

What is SSL Certificate and why is it required?

Secure Socket Layer (SSL) changes the HTTP connection to HTTPS connection where “S” stands for Secure. It is mandatory now after Google clearly stated that if the website is not securely encrypted it will send a warning to the user web-browser prompting them to jump off the site. With this, not only the website will lose the traffic but, also regular bounce rate would take the website off the Google track banning the website completely.

SSL Certificate secures connection in a way that it helps lock unsecured data from escaping the connection created which means any credit card transactions, online payment gateways or any information from one server to the other is encrypted and secure where no malicious activity can take place.

SSL is required because it provides authentication which means that the information that is being sent to a server, one will know where the information is going or coming from. Internet is not secure where phishing is a common problem. To ensure that your information is safe and is going to the right server where nobody can hack or try to get the data, SSL helps in establishing that kind of connection. Also, to have an SSL Certificate means you are building trust amongst the user where the user will freely use the services without worrying for someone trying to hack their systems.


Now, that we know the purpose and importance of SSL Certificate, let's understand the fumigating cyber crime that is ruining and disgracing the security of a user.


Website Development has been at risk and, that is why there came a need to establish a secure connection so that user data stay protected and not cause any kind of infringement. But, SSL Certificate is now wrapped in the flames of Black Marketing. The hackers who understand the dark web deeply are using it as a medium to fake the SSL Certificate security. They are entering into the secure connections hacking the systems, causing financial loss, hacking credit card details and this is becoming a mainstream problem these days.

NEW FLASH: Cyber security Research Group at Georgia State University and the University of Surrey reveals Sale of SSL Certificates!!!

The whole purpose of changing HTTP to HTTPS was to create a secure connection among the sender and the recipient so that the information stays end to end. But, not anymore! It is recently highlighted by the University of Surrey and Georgia State that the dark web is infringed and there is a sale of SSL certificates by the cyber criminals. This means that you may enter a website which may look completely safe with showing no malware and no prompt message on the web browser asking the user to jump off otherwise like in the case of unsecured connections.

What happens is that the cyber criminals sell the whole package to the hackers which include the old domains, SSL certificates and machine identity. It is like a superior form of certification like Extended Validation (EV) certificates which is in frequent use in Companies registered in the United States and the United Kingdom that fools the search engines where it believes the website is on a secure connection.


What is Dark Web and how do the cyber criminals use it to their advantage?

96 per cent of the Internet is Dark Web. What you see is only a fraction and a virtual image behind the numbers that control the whole internet and its algorithms. The Dark web is mainly useless but not for the hackers as it is a space where they can find from anything to everything. Whatever files that we delete or connections we establish, the temporary skins are formed that stays on the server until the action is completed. In the Dark Web, the information is regularly sent out from whatever we do and send on the internet. This means that nothing that you delete is actually deleted as it is somewhere stuck in the Dark Web.

The Dark Web is inaccessible by the search engines and only those who know how to access this part of the Digital World are either the Government agencies for securing data or the criminals to pry into the data. The Dark Web is strong and unlimited where it can be used to the best of its potential which is why the sensitive information is kept by the Government agencies on highly encrypted Dark Web space.

As it is difficult to crack, hackers cannot easily enter the Dark Web and enter into Government Data. But, it does pose a threat to the general public where their information is always at risk as the Internet and the search engines are always prone to the cyber crimes. The Hackers can crack the codes of 4 per cent of the Internet which is not part of the Dark Web but it becomes the medium to hack into the systems.

With SSL Certificates being leaked and sold on the Black Market, a healthy looking website can be a phishing attack to get into your bank details or any other sensitive information and use it for their selfish reasons.

So, if you think that every HTTPS website is safe then, think again! HTTPS does not mean safe. “S” stands for secure, the connection is secure when one logs into the website but will there be the safety of the user or not, it is highly debatable. Especially, as now the SSL certificates are on sale by the cyber criminals.

Website Development in India is an essential gateway to connect to the world globally and if one owns a Business that run through the medium of an e-commerce website or the like, then creating a secure gateway is a must.

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Unwinding the Marketplace! We Brew the Perfect Blend

Posted on 2019-04-16

Today, Marketplace Websites are redefining the shopping attitude of people. A Marketplace is an e-commerce website where it buys and sells various products. Consider an online Marketplace as an open warehouse where the products are sold even without making a special place for them to store in the inventory.  It depends on the type of Marketplace but, today all the global marketplaces are turning into an entity of merely a transaction where there is no inventory of their own and where the products get shipped directly from the retailer. As it saves a lot of money, Marketplace apps are gaining a strong momentum in the present day Digital World.

To explain this better, consider a warehouse packed with products. You can only sell what is stored in your warehouse no matter how big or small. Now, consider an online warehouse where there is no physical space present. Each retailer that is signed up with the online marketplace is offering a product to be sold on the channel that they choose from their personal warehouse. As much popular will be the marketplace better the chances for the sale and, that can go global with free shipping or other such facilities. It depends on the type of marketplace and the resources they have that can help the buyer and seller by keeping track of the needs from both the perspectives.


E-commerce and Marketplace is not the same!

There is a very thin line between the two. A marketplace is an e-commerce website but an e-commerce platform is not necessarily a marketplace. An e-commerce platform is a single brand and a single entity where they have their own inventory. There can be multiple brands that an e-commerce website signs up with but the platform itself will have a single identity dealing with various products sold. Anything that is sold on their website, if there are sellers involved, the products will go through their inventory and there will be no third party involved, unlike online marketplaces.

To be precise the difference between an online marketplace and e-commerce is that in case of the owner of a marketplace website third-party sellers are allowed to invoice the customers directly. In marketplace websites, the owner will not directly invoice the customer as it is a platform which allows the sellers to advertise and sell products directly to the customer. It becomes a network of selling and buying. In the case of an e-commerce platform, the owner is linked directly with the invoice of the customer and the sellers have no right to sell the product to the customer directly. Everything goes under the supervision of the e-commerce website.

Basic Differences between Online Marketplace and E-Commerce platform:


Marketing Standards: There are different approaches involved when one decides to own and facilitate e-commerce or online marketplace. The benefit of owning a marketplace website is that the buyers and sellers don’t have to spend much and because there are wide options and range available it benefits both the seller and the buyer. In the case of e-commerce platforms, the seller or the merchants have to spend more money to popularise their products on the website. Also, it depends highly on the demographics and the user interest for the success of an e-commerce website. Though this rule applies to online marketplaces as well, the risk is lesser as usually like any supermall it becomes a hub of selling not one but many types of products which keep the growth steady.


Financial Risks: It is obvious that in the case of Marketplace as there is no inventory involved they do not have to worry about stocking products, unlike e-commerce platforms. In the case of e-commerce websites, the vulnerability regarding supply and demand is quite high. If we think from the perspective of Marketplaces then they do not have to worry about stock because only those products are features that the retailer is buying and in case they need more buyers for a particular products category they can easily hire more vendors. No matter how big their market grows, unlike e-commerce, they don’t have to worry about investing in creating huge storehouses to keep the stock. As maintaining inventories are another issue so financial risk is higher in the case of e-commerce websites. They have to stack the products and wait for it to sell. This takes time and money more than one might anticipate.

For any Businessman the above two factors are prominent aspects to work. It sets standards in the market where one can enjoy a good online presence with a Business Reputation that helps a customer to trust and invest with the services. To help you in better we at Intellisense offer IT Outsource Services in Jalandhar.


Let’s understand the types of Online Marketplaces:

There are three basic types which are vertical, horizontal and global marketplaces. In the case of Vertical Marketplace, there is one type of product involved but there can be many sources involved to sell that kind of product. It can be service oriented or directly dealing with selling or buying. Airbnb is one of the best examples of a Vertical Marketplace which involves renting of accommodations. Another such example is UrbanClap which deals with beauty salon and treatments.

Horizontal Marketplaces sells many types of products but all share a common characteristic. Etsy is the best example of a horizontal marketplace. The whole idea of the website is to promote only handmade good and handicrafts of various kinds. Today, it sells all sorts of products on the website but all are handmade where from jewellery to clothing and even cosmetics products are prepared by the vendors themselves. Another such website is Panjo which is a marketplace for enthusiasts alone where you can buy and sell unique items.

Global Marketplaces as the name suggests works in all niches available. There is no limit or restriction. It expands into various categories and often turns out to be the most loved websites from the customer point of view. It is always a good investment to create a global marketplace app where the user can buy or sell anything at one place. It saves both time and money. Ebay, Amazon, Flipkart is one of the big names ruling the online market. Create online Marketplaces as there are low risk, steady growth and income and also gains popularity much faster than an e-commerce website.

We at Intellisense provide with IT Outsource Services in Jalandhar, India. Contact us to get the quote!


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