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Advertise Your Business Gracefully! Top Tactics to Follow in 2019

Posted on 2019-07-08

Digital Marketing is the only way you can promote your business online. If you are an entrepreneur than it is vital for you to understand the wonders that Digital Marketing can bring to you. Digital Marketing includes both online and offline modes i.e. the Marketing through digital media and traditional media as well which includes Television Advertisements, Radio Broadcasting, Billboards, and Brochures. 

Everyone is aware of the benefits that Digital Marketing holds for the business to flourish in its full bloom but only few can accomplish this as there is required a set of strategies and tactics that a Digital Advertising Business Company can best help you with.


Tactics to follow in 2019:

  1.   Target YouTube: 

You have to have a YouTube channel to promote your business. Try and make interactive videos. You can see how other businesses are showcasing them and take an idea from it. It is always clever if you make your videos funny and catchy for the viewer to hold on to otherwise people will lose interest and it won’t be of any use. YouTube is also the fastest way to introduce new products and maybe do some Q & A with people and go Live once in a while. This helps in building a long relationship with customers, thereby increasing the sales considerably.


  1.   Promotion on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn:

60 to 70 percent of the world population today is active on social media networking websites and the sites that are on the top of the list are Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn. The business is only going to get good leads and customers if people know about it. Your main aim should be to create a healthy Brand Reputation, to come in the limelight! Once you accomplish that rest of the things becomes fairly easy.


  1.   Marketing through Blogging:

Websites are must and if you do not have one, now is the time to invest. A website is one of the beneficial channels with which you can aware people about your company and its products much faster and create credibility and brand awareness. People would want to know more about you if they are interested in the product that you are selling. Here too you can earn extra bits by using the PPC service i.e. Pay Per Click. When the user is reading and clicks on the related advertisement your company will earn the added revenue from it. Here you need more detailed knowledge and for this Intellisense, Digital Marketing Company in Jalandhar is best to consider. 

Content Creation should be sharp, easy to read, comprehensible and well written so that people can get a fair idea of what the product is all about. People don’t have time to waste on something they know. They are curious and the more precise and apt you are the better it would be. Also, you should promote your website and brand on third-party blogs as well which are famous and have a following as an article on such blogs about your brand but help your product to gain popularity. 


  1.   Email marketing, Online Newsletters and more:

Yes, you heard it right. This marketing style is should not be ignored as it is back in trend in 2019. When there is an automated email sent to the people who subscribe or register with you, they keep getting notifications on the products and various related things. People tend to get back to your website as they get intimidated by it. This is the best way to not only increase traffic on the website but to incur more and more selling for stable and positive business growth.


  1.   Advertisement through television, radios, etc:

This is part of the traditional marketing method but if your business is growing well online then you may not need it. But, it is always advised to hit the television, newspapers and radio channels to spread the word on a larger scale as audiences by watching the ads gets influenced much more than by reading about it. Visual Aids have impact higher than any known function and this is psychologically proven. So if you want to promote your business and earn great revenues you must go for television advertisements, it is a quick, sharp and clever way of promoting business. 

Radio announcements are also an effective way. People while traveling in cars do switch on the radio channel quite often and advertisements have a great way when it comes to radio streaming. Through radio, you are only creating awareness for your business and this move should be incorporated in the initial stages of business promotion. 


  1.   Mobile Marketing, SMS and M-Commerce:

Marketing through SMS is still a great way of promoting one’s business. For everything, there is a copy of a message that gets delivered. You make a bank transaction you receive a message, pay the bill, use credit/debit card, etc. you get an SMS. Automated Messages is must in order to keep the customers hooked to what your Business is up to. In order to lure the customers in this is a great way of getting marketing done quite brilliantly as people are always on phones which has become an essential part of our lives.

The above tactics for Digital Advertising Business are must to follow this year. Some of the tactics mentioned above may sound outdated but they have carved their way back again in the digital marketing industry. You should be afraid of getting experienced help because you wouldn’t want to risk or jeopardize your business online reputation. Your product quality is the first and foremost factor for determining the quality and establishing trust among the people but it also requires expertise in promoting your business cleverly online in order to build Brand Identity.

Digital Advertising Business has helped numerous small scale businesses to rise up and make a mark and set a benchmark in the business industry. You may own a big or small company, a clothing brand or footwear, maybe you are stepping in to start up a business and are on an initial stage, you may be an entrepreneur trying to have a way and get into the market of sharks, don’t worry just deal with what you have and do not hesitate to experiment. 

Go for the best and do what feels right!

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5 Spectacular Merits of Inventory Management Software

Posted on 2019-06-18

Always Up to date information 

As soon as the item goes out of stock or is close to that, automatic information can be shown on the system. An online buyer will be notified of the same on their screens. How many products are left or when the product is going to be in-stock, all such relevant information will be right there for the customer to see. This serves as a great benefit to the Business Company as well because then one can check out and handle the product delivery and other such requirements in a more efficient way.


  • Checking out the Trends:


One of the perks of the Inventory Management System is that one can check the trends and understand user behaviour. It helps the Business Owner to make strategies based on the products that are high in demand. It means that the utilization of cash-flow on necessary goods that in trend and in high demand can be done. There will be statistics that will show the increase or decrease in the sales of a particular item that will help to make future decisions to benefit the company in viable ways.


  • Automated Setting to Re-order:


There are a number of options and ways to use the software. One of the options is to set the re-ordering feature on automated mode. It means as soon as the product goes out-of-stock, it will be re-ordered automatically. The distributor or the wholesaler will be notified through the software and the order will be booked. It saves a lot of time as the employee will not have to check each and every item that is in-stock or not. The work becomes easy and also the customer will have the instant information about the amiability to the product.


Warehouse Management Software makes the work far more organized than the traditional book-keeping methods. Accounts can be managed where finances can be tracked. There is no requirement for keeping a ledger as the statement from the software will have each detail from ordering the product to shipping, tracking, paying off the prices and much more.

The present times call for an Inventory Management System Software which is gaining momentum aggressively in the Market Place due to its immense utility.

Be a smart Businessman because every little investment counts!

Running a business successfully requires a computerized system that can keep track of the different activities, send reports, notify about products and shipments and much more that involves the horizon of Business buying and selling. Inventory Management System is a must in every online Marketplace. So first let’s understand what the term “Inventory Management” implies.

Inventory is the warehouse where one keeps the products for selling. A Business owner will purchase the products from distributors to further sell it to consumers. This space is a physical environment and no matter how big or small a business is running in the market, it will require a space to keep the products which is known as an Inventory.

Now, shift the focus from the physical environment to the computer system. Every product sold has a bar code number which is unique and integral to a product sold by a company. When a Business Owner invests in a company, they will sell the products on their Online Platforms or Physical Stores. In any case, whether you own an online marketplace or a Shopping Complex, a system that keeps track of the goods sold, purchased, in stock or tracking of the shipment will be required. Inventory Management Software keeps check on the items through these specialised numbers called the bar codes. It can be scanned or manually entered as each bar code comes with a product number.  

To deploy a person for this job can not only be time-consuming but also can be error-prone. There can be chances that the lack of coordination between the staff and inadequate information of what is there in the inventory, what is sold, what is in or out of stock can create havoc. The customers will be left unsatisfied; there can be problems with re-ordering as usually there will be delays in keeping the trending items in stock. This happens a lot of time that the products go out of stock but the Company is unaware of it due to errors in the management of the employees. Computerized systems make this way easy which is Warehouse Management Software is the need of the hour today!


Why to use Inventory Management Software?

The most common reason to use Inventory Management Software is that it makes the work easy! A business company will have a clear picture of what is in store, how much is required and make strategies that can help the Business flourish in desired ways.


  Spectacular Merits of Using Inventory Management Systems:


  • Saves time and increase efficiency:


When an employee does not have to manually keep track of the different types of products, it is obvious that a lot of time can be saved which can be deputed to other important activities. The work becomes more efficient because it is less error-prone. All that is required is entering the product information through the scanner and that is all. The distributor company before shipping the items will automatically feed the data on the systems in most cases. It depends on the company but with the Inventory management System’s gaining popularity, today every small or big business is making use of the software. Everything is computerized which means as soon as you receive the shipment, everything gets entered in the system through the scanner.


  • Management of Goods in a Meticulous Way:


The common problem is that due to lack of information of the warehouse, often there are errors and that calls for mismanagement. When there is not enough information about the product whether it is available in store or not, that will create problems as customers will be left dissatisfied.

Not only this, with the medium of the computerized system, distributors, wholesalers, retailers, business owners all get in a pool of chain where information that is allowed and is authorized can be accessed. This also means that in case of faulty product delivery, the distributor can be notified of the same and the shipment can be returned without making any extra efforts. It is all done on the system where approval or return can be mentioned along with the reason and payments can be well structured and organized.

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Information and Communications Technology

Posted on 2019-06-10

Information and Communications Technology (ICT) is a vital part and plays an important role in today’s world of the Information Era. ICT helps the business to grow and enhance easily with better communication among the distributors, suppliers and the clients of the company. ICT is not only for the business but if we look around, it has actually become an important part of our day-to-day lives.

ICT impacts our daily lifestyle every day, for instance we nowadays do not need to follow the conventional ways of reading newspapers as we can read it online. ICT has also made it easier for people to stay connected with people around the world, and building thousands of connection every day by staying at one place by the use of social media platforms, emailing, web conferences, and variety of other means.

With the evolution of ICT there is a new digital world created which has no borders or boundaries, which helps the economy to change rapidly by enabling the transaction to process in a faster way and in millions per second throughout the world rising economic development worldwide.

The impact on our lives!

One of pillars of economic development is considered to be the forms of Information and communication technology (ICT) for gaining national competitive advantage around the world. ICT has contributed in the improvement of quality of life as it has helped in the field of educational media and learning platforms, with mass media using it to create awareness around the world on issues of practical and social importance. People are able to access information more easily and in greater form.

Today it has taken over the whole Business Industry, it is a vital part in our daily life, through its development and many uses it has able to increases its importance in the lives of people around the world, and this trend is believed to continue progressively in future, to the extent that knowledge of ICT would be a functional requirement that would be required for people’s social, work, and personal lives.

The application of ICT in Education Industry helps in adding value to the teaching and learning practises, by enhancing its effectiveness and also assisting to the various dimension of learning platforms which was not possible in the past. It has been observed that the student’s engagement in teaching and learning activities has improved intensively being one of the motivational factors.

The basic purpose of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is to equip the citizens of the nation valuable skills and knowledge around the communication and computing devices, applications that uses to operate on them, software that runs on them, and systems that are built with them.

Today, we are living in the world where the pace of digital development is just a matter of seconds. It has impacted every corner of our lives from playing, working to making connection, socialising and learning. The age of digital era is about how ICT has transformed the means of communication for the emerging citizens, building networks, seek assistance, learning and accessing information. We now must consider the fact that the young generation population is mainly online which access through the various means which might be Television, mobile phones, and computers.  

There have always been developments in the new form of communication and advancements in technology taking the example of the printing press in the past and the act of writing itself. But the period of the last 120 years there has been a constant rapid rise ranging from the use of the telephone to the modern use of the internet.

Technological Advancements in Communication

A remarkable advancement of technology was seen after the late 1800s which include the use of; answering fax machines, the cellular telephones, the internet. A revolutionary change in the era has also been the result of mass communication that brought in the televisions, broadcast radio and tremendous advances in photography and printing.

Landline Phone

Though by the invention of wired telegraphs the communication among people had seen a rapid increase over long distances, but the invention of the telephone had been the first communication devices to find its way into a large number of businesses and homes, even today.

The landline has also seen a gradual development in its use, from models that used to connect the user with operator placing a call to rotary phones, to enabling automatic dialling, to finger-touch dial pad allowing speedier calls.

The use of Fax machine was also made common in the 1980s, which made the use of telephone lines to send the document copies more effectively and quickly as compared to sending them by mail or through a private messenger.

Cellular Phones

The portable phones that we make use of today most extensively were introduced in the 1970s, and car phones became more popular by the mid of 1980s, but they still looked a lot different than what we have right now, earlier being large, expensive, and clunky.

By the end of the 1980s, the portable cellular phones handled became available to the public. Pagers had also been a part of that era which gave way to the pocket-sized cell phones for the first time, which was an effective mode of communication used in the business and made communication to carry out more easily and in a productive and quick manner.

Computers and the Internet

After the World War II, computing technology had rapidly evolved, where scientists and engineers quickly realised the importance of sending information to people through the use of computers, being an effective and safe mode of disseminating information.

Later at the end of the 1960s the researchers began to innovate to create the ‘internet’ that we have today which the help of government-backed network called the Arpanet, the network was used to connect the universities, communication companies, and government agencies By the late '60s, researchers had begun to create the beginnings of today's internet through this government-backed network called Arpanet, named by the Defence Department’s Advanced Research Projects Agency. The Modern Times!

Now, here is when websites, blogs, media channels bloomed after the advent of internet and the genre of Digital Marketing flourished. Every business is online today and to make an Online Business Reputation is of utmost importance.

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Artificial Intelligence! Lifeblood of the Ecommerce Industry

Posted on 2019-06-06

Did you ever pay attention to the real hero behind the working of digital marketing?

In this article, we are going to point out the lifeblood of the e-commerce industry which is Artificial Intelligence (AI). Artificial Intelligence is highly used in digital marketing for the collection of data on targeting advertisement, to predict the relevance of content, for product association for customers, for making perception in buying trends of customers for cross-selling, to effectively evaluate the impact of the customer’s psychology that have maximised effect on the targeted segments of the business. However, not many organisations actually understand the role of AI in the market, resulting in only a few actual leaders in the market that use AI as an effective technology method to enhance their online business through search engine rankings.

AI technology is not always performed using a stable method; it is gradually developing which is designed for classification, labelling and presentation of the data which is important to meet the needs of the customer at a particular point of time. The AI skills are most significantly able to develop and improve the future of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) beyond the simple keyword phrases.

Artificial Intelligence is classified into major three types as projected below:

  •    Narrow
  •    General
  •    Super

For unique and specific data types, Artificial Narrow Intelligence (ANI) is used. For human-like features is achieved by the AI comes under the Artificial General Intelligence (AGI). The part of AI which is beyond the point where human intelligence can reach, are marked as Artificial Super Intelligence (ASI).

In online activities like; how do customer’s junk mail filters operate, Google Translations, and IBM’s Watson, AI has many different uses.  The newest add-on is the Rankbrain which is Google’s machine-learning system for AI which helps in processing the results of Google search. Therefore, when it comes to cut-throat competition in the current competitive market, AI as a role in SEO is able to bring out the most appropriate and relatable methods for the organisation’s website.

Majority of the business now days works in a modernised way by expanding their area or work accessible through every corner of the world, which is possible through e-commerce and AI is the solution for success.

Businesses nowadays know the changing trends in buyer’s choices being inclined to shop online which have been shown in the recent statistics which estimates that 1.92  billion global buyers shall take part in e-commerce website activities in the year 2019, which is further expected to increase to more than 2 billion by 2021.

This increase in e-commerce audience has given a huge rise in the creative methods used by companies to attract customers and maintain a global reach. Creating dynamic email messaging to visual and voice searches, companies make all the effort in reaching the online potential buyers. The tools used are made possible through the power of automation and majorly Artificial Intelligence (AI).

AI has gradually developed to provide the marketers with a foot forward in enhancing their e-commerce marketing efforts.

Ecommerce Future Trends

In the past, the word AI was positioned in the minds linked to the thought of robots, futuristic machines, and advanced computers.

Today, with the great evolution AI is the lifeblood for any company success which using marketing, machine learning and automation.

The days are long gone when buyers were dependent for information from sellers waiting in the shop, now the seller has to be present everywhere, which is the result of vast evolution of e-commerce, and in order to have omnipresence in the market AI is the tool used by the marketers to reach its customers through a variety of social media platforms and websites.

In online purchasing through the websites like; Amazon, Flipkart, and  others there is a virtual cart and through AI there can be any forms of information that can be collected to what the buyer selects in the cart and what the customer abandons it, which is done through an automatically triggered email or suggestion bar which helps in collecting information about the buyer trends, both individually and for the whole targeted market and also inviting the customer to complete their purchase in case they abandon their cart. All this is made possible through the advancement in AI.

A digital marketer which bears the endless potential for learning and understanding the customer behaviour is similar to the AI technology used in e-commerce nowadays, and AI tools are crucial because e-commerce market is currently growing at a fast pace.

Virtual Personal Assistant

With AI you can have a personal assistant to work for you round the clock who initially seem not as obvious, but is invaluable for anyone with a business. Making a business work manually is very time consuming and not an easy task every day without losing productivity, but which Virtual Personal Assistant (VPA) it is all possible, it's just like appointing a person for the job who would need no sleep and does all the work without compromising productivity.

Better Projection of customer trends

It is very important for any business type to know the trends in the customer needs, and with AI the company can have a better idea of what the customer would potentially buy next, all of which is possible by continuous data collection used to analyse the customer selection. Predictive marketing is an essential part of the business and uses machine learning, which is a form of AI.

The customers with the use of predictive marketing through AI would get suggestions on what they want, how they see it, and also the price points for the products as displayed on the e-commerce website and information collected through AI.


Artificial Intelligence can help you start personalising the marketing campaigns for your e-commerce websites, while also enhancing the customer interaction with the business. The customer’s history and specific tasks, their needs can also be responded by the personalised intelligent automation which is a part of AI.

The e-commerce business through AI will be able to make better product recommendations, set the prices, send emails to a target market, delivering personalised advertisements, and also help create and recommend contents for them.

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