Embedded System

Intellisense Technology is a specialist in the field of Embedded Systems Development with 8/16/32 bit core processors. Our design experience spans the full range of leading embedded cores and embedded operating systems including Core Coding in Embedded C, RTOS, Microsoft Windows Embedded, Windows Phone, Embedded Linux and Android. Our R&D team has complete expertise in Embedded Hardware Design, Firmware Development and custom product design. We offer service that helps our clients to bring their products much faster to market and in a more cost-effective way.

Embedded Hardware Design and Development

Offering the services of Embedded System design from an idea to product with world class quality and globally accepted configuration.

Firmware Development

Embedded software development solutions with core embedded C, RTOS & Linux.

End Product Solutions

From idea to end product in the market, cover all the in between stages like design, development and production.

Smart & Wearable Devices

Development of smart systems, smart wearable devices like smart watches and tracking bands etc.

Medical Devices

Development of healthcare instruments for different body parameters monitoring systems.

Consumer Electronics

Development of house hold products.

Mobile & Wireless

Smart phones, wireless control systems with latest and wireless technologies.

Control, Security and Automation

Home and industrial control and security systems development including sensors based automation, bio-metric systems, authentications etc.

OS Porting and Device Driver Development

Operating systems porting to embedded chips and peripherals drivers development.

Reverse Engineering

Decoding embedded algorithms and cloning systems

Android, Linux, Win CE, RTOS based Systems

Real time operating systems like RTOS, Linux, Android Win CE etc. based systems development to meet the advanced requirements.

Technical Consultancy

Experts team for guiding you the technical things in your project for better development.

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